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Korean is one of the most popular languages ​​today. To learn it, it is enough to understand its logic and develop the most comfortable tactics and strategy for its study.

How to learn Korean
How to learn Korean


Step 1

Understand the logic

Before learning a language, you need to find its place in the language family and determine the next of kin and the type of language. Oddly enough, reading books on linguistics makes life much easier for people learning languages ​​with notation significantly different from theirs. All beginners should know that the Korean language belongs to the Tungus-Manchu language group of the Altai family. This is an agglutinative language, which means that the sentence is constructed according to the scheme “subordination – verb – object”. That is, not “I go to the store for food”, but “I am food – because I go to the store”. Verbs are not conjugated, nouns have no gender, but there are special conjugated endings of verbs to address friends, mother and father, and people of older age and high rank. It may seem strange initially, but experts believe that Korean is one of the easiest languages. 

Step 2

circular attack

To learn any language, one must not only study theory, delve into grammar and build vocabulary but also read, listen, write coherent texts and communicate. There are many free resources on the Internet to help Korean language lovers. For example, the resource provides lyrics and podcasts in Korean for learners of all levels, from beginner to advanced. A netizen reads the text, listens to it simultaneously, remembers the pronunciation of a native speaker and “links” new words. Can use words to compose maps, download them, download them to a mobile phone or receive them in the mail. Another educational network where you can learn Korean is The free course includes more than fifty lessons: theory, test exercises, quizzes and two tasks that test a native speaker – oral and written. Politeness and respect are the two pillars on which language learning on educational internet networks is based. 

Step 3

Serious preparation

Suppose a Korean language student needs a certificate or has the confidence that the best teachers study with him. In that case, it is worth signing up for free Korean language courses at the Cultural Center of the Embassy of the Republic of Korea: HTTP:/ /Russia. Korean You can also learn Korean for free at Won Gwang Language School There you can also download free audio courses and buy educational literature. In addition, Korean is studied in courses in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Russian State University for the Humanities departments, Russian State Humanitarian University, MGIMO, ISAA and others. These educational institutions train professional students in Korean studies.

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