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About 30 million people in the world speak Azerbaijani. Not so little. For example, only 12 million people worldwide speak Czech and 9 million Swedish. This language has official status in Azerbaijan and the Russian Republic of Dagestan. In addition, a significant part of the Iranian population speaks Azerbaijani. Where and how to learn this language – see below.

How to learn the Azerbaijani language
How to learn the Azerbaijani language


Step 1

Go to the bookstore. Today, domestic bookstores offer books on linguistics for every taste. You will find a Russian-Estonian phrasebook, a Russian-Hungarian dictionary, and a grammar of the Ukrainian language. There are also books on the Azerbaijani language, among others. Grab some books to learn Azerbaijani and start building common ground. Familiarize yourself with the alphabet, and learn the most common words of greeting, thank you, and goodbye. Buy audio material to help you get the correct pronunciation.

Step 2

Get closer to the national culture. In our age of globalization, it is not difficult to find movies, books, and music in the Azerbaijani language. The national culture of Azerbaijan will bring you closer to understanding the language. Suppose the knowledge gained during the introduction to the vocabulary and grammar of the Azerbaijani language allows you to do so. In that case, you can read books and newspapers in the Azerbaijani language.

Pay attention to the works of Chingiz Abdullayev, Shah Ismail Safavi, and Osman Mirzovyev.

Step 3

Spend your vacation in Azerbaijan. As such, Azerbaijani language courses in Russia are hard to find. However, the best language learning experience is learning from native speakers. And where, if not in Azerbaijan, many native speakers live. In addition, this country has a beautiful coast of the Caspian Sea, and the cultural heritage in Azerbaijan is quite rich.

Try to speak more petite Russian with the locals, even though they probably talk about this language. You won’t be able to rise much this way. The more you practice the Azerbaijani language, the better.

You can go on holiday to Iranian Azerbaijan. There, the Russian language will not help you much, so you can fully immerse yourself in the Azerbaijani culture.

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