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Problems with remembering tenses usually arise in the early stages of learning English. If it is not so difficult to understand which forms a verb should be used in a certain sense, then it is rather challenging to determine when and what tense to use. To learn English tenses quickly, you must know how to use them correctly.

How to quickly learn the tenses in English
How to quickly learn the tenses in English

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Step 1

Remember that there are as many tenses in English as in Russian, that is, three: present or present, Past or Past, and future or future. From this point, you should start determining the time. All other aspects are superimposed on this basis. For example, you are tasked with translating the sentence: “When did John leave for England?” committed the act in the Past, so choose the Past.

Step 2

It should note that all actions in English are divided into long and not long, in other words, continuous and non-continuous. If an action has already taken place, is taking place or will take place for some time, it is of long duration. Returning to the example above, I must say that the action indicated in it is short-lived. 

Step 3

Conclude whether it matters what time the action is or will be completed. This will help you determine the perfect time or not (Perfect – non-Perfect). Then combine everything you get. In the example above, it doesn’t matter when the auction ends. Therefore, in this example, the time is Past, non-continuous, and non-perfect. Past Simple is suitable for such parameters, meaning the sentence should sound like this: “When did John go to England?”.

Step 4

Make a little timing chart for yourself. In it, indicate the tense used in cases where the sentence is continuous and not perfectly continuous, when it is non-continuous and perfectly perfect, and when it is non-continuous and not perfectly simple. For example, if the listing is long and perfect, use Perfect Continuous.

Step 5

If you have trouble remembering auxiliary verbs and verb forms used to convey a particular tense, make another table indicating this information. Place your spreadsheet in the most prominent place on your desk and review it regularly. Also, try to take a few minutes every day to repeat it. This reduces the time to memorize the details of using tenses in English several times.

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