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Chinese is one of the oldest and most widespread languages ​​in the world. Every fifth inhabitant of our planet speaks it. Very soon, it will be able to compete with English and become one of the main languages ​​of international importance. It’s not easy to learn. In addition to memorizing hieroglyphs, the main difficulty for students is represented by the phonetic features. However, with a strong desire and severe motivation, one can master the language of the Middle Kingdom even alone.

Learn Chinese yourself
Learn Chinese yourself

It is needed

  • – self-instruction manual;
  • – CDs with audio lessons;
  • – movies, newspapers, and books in Chinese.


Step 1

First, determine what it means to you: learning Chinese. Why do you have to own it? Are you going to live in the Middle Kingdom, or are you just travelling there? Would you like to read or correspond with Confucius in the original? The accurate result of learning a language independently depends on the task you set yourself. By setting high standards for yourself, you risk ending up at a dead end. Remember that you cannot quickly learn to speak perfectly in a foreign language, and Chinese is no exception. 

Step 2

You cannot do without unique educational literature. Buy Chinese tutorials and textbooks from a bookstore or online. All of them are designed not only for different methods but also for different levels of language learning. You can choose according to your wishes based on your abilities and goals.

Step 3

Discs with audio lessons will be a great help in mastering the language. They will help master the phonetics of the language. In the Chinese language, some sounds are significantly different from Russian, while others have shades that are not in our language. The more you master them, the less accent you will have.

Step 4

The site http://www.skritter.com/ can help you learn hieroglyphics. You can practice writing them on it. In the event of an error, the computer will kindly tell you, if necessary, how to spell, pronounce and even remember the hieroglyph you are having trouble with. It is essential to register on this site. Then in your account, you can set the level of difficulty you need, and in the statistics, you can see your progress. 

Step 5

Use Chinese movies in your studies without translation, with Russian subtitles. This excellent teaching material will help you understand when and under what circumstances one or another hieroglyph should be used. In addition, you can add variety to the learning process, understand the vocabulary principle and practice the correct pronunciation again. Start by watching simple movies where the meaning of the characters’ dialogues is clear and straightforward.

Step 6

Read literature in Chinese with a dictionary. Start with simple books for children. Reading and translating will significantly increase your vocabulary.

Step 7

Intercultural communication is essential in language learning. Chat with a native Chinese speaker on social media. You will master writing skills, which are necessary when learning a language. Start by exploring the history of the Middle Kingdom. So not only will you learn interesting historical facts and lots of exciting things, but you will also be able to dive deeper into the language you are learning. 

Step 8

The language environment is a good exercise. If possible, take a trip to China.

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