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Language. Often in our lives, there are situations where knowledge of a foreign language is urgently required. In most cases, this applies to English, which has now become the language of international communication. Thus appeared the prospect of an exciting business trip abroad, the need to pass an essential exam for further career growth, and a simple desire to go and see the world as a tourist presupposes the possession of at least one stranger.

Learn English in a month
Learn English in a month


Step 1

The problem with domestic education is that most students don’t know a foreign language when they leave school or university. Therefore, if necessary, you should compensate for the lost time as quickly as possible. But is it possible to learn English in a month? After all, this is such a short time.

Step 2

Let’s make a reservation immediately: it is impossible to learn a foreign language in a month thoroughly. This isn’t possible. However, it is quite possible in this short time to master the basics of the language, learn to speak fluently and understand the interlocutor. This is especially true for English. Fortunately, this language belongs to the category of not the most difficult European languages. The grammar is easy enough to learn due to the absence of numerous cases and complex endings. At the same time, English has a peculiar phonetics, in which pronunciation is practically not associated with spelling, creating difficulties for people who were previously unfamiliar with this language. Therefore, if you set yourself the goal of learning English within a month, you should first pay special attention to listening and train your listening skills and pronunciation. 

Step 3

Personal express training is the most optimal and effective way to learn English quickly. They include many hours of daily English lessons with complete immersion in the language environment. Therefore, at the end of intensive monthly courses, you are guaranteed to be able to communicate on general everyday topics, understand the interlocutor quite well and create simple sentences yourself. At the same time, you get a solid vocabulary. Of course, a person forced to speak and understand a foreign language involuntarily constantly begins to do so with more confidence.

Step 4

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to follow intensive language courses. The effectiveness of such classes will be lower, but they can bring a lot with the student’s conscientious attitude. In this case, there are two options for training: visit an individual tutor or study English alone. An experienced teacher will tell you the most optimal teaching method when you work with a tutor. Still, when discussing independent studies, you must select teaching materials and plan lessons yourself. 

Step 5

For self-study of the English language, it is best to use a computer multimedia program. Nowadays, a lot of relevant training software is produced, and finding something suitable will not be difficult. The multimedia program allows you to learn pronunciation, comprehension, grammar and vocabulary simultaneously. And all this in an easy, playful way. Self-study must achieve emotional involvement and interest in the learning process. Learning English should be exciting and enjoyable, and then absorb all the new material much better. One should try to avoid memorization, especially grammatical forms. This method yields little but takes a lot of time and effort. In addition to the training program, you will also need English-Russian and Russian-English dictionaries, a grammar learning or reference book, and a notebook to record examples and exercises.

Step 6

In addition to direct studies, try to get in touch with English at every opportunity: watch news and movies in English (English-language series with Russian subtitles are perfect), read newspapers and exciting sites. Most importantly, take every opportunity to speak with native English speakers. Do not be ashamed that you are distorting words and confusing grammatical forms at the beginning. The main thing here is to overcome the psychological barrier and start communicating.

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