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Before you start learning English, you should not take the lessons as a duty, but as something fun. It is more effective if you choose the pace of language learning yourself. Do not hesitate to praise yourself for successfully studying a particular lesson. Believe in your strengths and abilities. Study the history of the country, its geography, culture, economy, art, and literature – all this will help you learn the language faster. After all, when you fall in love with the country, learning the language seems very easy.

Learn English in a week
Learn English in a week


Step 1

Choose the time that suits you best for self-study: morning, evening or afternoon – whichever suits you. Plan your classes and try not to get out of your schedule.

Step 2

Equip yourself with a comfortable study area, a comfortable chair and good lighting to match the educational atmosphere.

Step 3

Surround yourself with people who know English at least at a conversational level and try to communicate with them as often as possible, always in English, watch movies in your spare time and apply your knowledge. Practice must be present in your classes!

Step 4

Practice only in a certain rhythm, if you are lazy, you can start your lessons from scratch, and if you want to speed up the pace, you can skip something or forget about poorly learned material, and will waste your time. This advice applies especially to those who are just starting to learn English. Once you get the hang of the material, you’ll start moving faster, but you shouldn’t develop the speed of light halfway through. 

Step 5

You can also try incorporating a playful learning method into your schedule. Over the past twenty years, this method has become very popular. Gather your friends who know English and act out little scenes with them. You can come up with a new name for yourself, which is often found in English, choose your profession, interests, the profession in general, and create a new biography for yourself. And this time, try to “live”, practically be a different person.

Step 6

You can use the old well-known method of learning English words with flashcards. English cards are plain paper cards with an English term or phrase written on the front and translation and transcription on the back. Such cards can be purchased in a store or made for free.

Step 7

A few simple exercises can help you improve your English language skills through songs. Choose a theme in English to your taste, and find words for it. After reading the text, try to understand its general meaning. Then translate unknown words using a dictionary. If you still don’t understand a few sentences or grammatical constructions, contact an experienced teacher. Once this is done, listen to the song again and even try to sing along. The second exercise will be the opposite of the first. Listen to the lyrics and listen to the music you like several times. Now try to write the words yourself. After that, find the accurate lyrics of the song on the internet and compare them with what you wrote. 

Step 8

Intensive courses of studying English in a training form include a training system in which the student learns the maximum amount of material in the shortest possible time and gains the skills and abilities to apply it in practice. Many guest houses offer an 8-day intensive English course.

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