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The French language is rightly regarded as one of the most beautiful and popular languages ​​in Europe. Many people dream of being able to communicate fluently in it. However, English and German are studied to a greater extent in Russian schools, which is why it is often necessary to master additional French independently and already in adulthood.

Learn French yourself
Learn French yourself

It is needed

  • – French Language Tutorial Guide
  • – French-Russian dictionary
  • – French grammar
  • – multimedia French course
  • – notebooks for notes


Step 1

Of course, any language is easiest and most effective to learn in dedicated courses or with an individual teacher. But often, adults do not have the opportunity to attend classes, so they have to learn the language themselves. Fortunately, it is possible to learn a foreign language perfectly yourself with high motivation and perseverance.

Step 2

For someone who owns a computer, the best option for learning French is one of the many multimedia programs that have been released. With a computer disk, you can take a language course almost identical to the full-time course in a classroom. You can purchase a multimedia course online or at a bookstore that sells educational literature and computer programs. 

Step 3

Using the computer application, you will also learn the grammar and syntax of the language under the guidance of a natural teacher, listen to examples of correct pronunciation and complete assignments. The program checks them itself, indicates errors and helps to solve them. In addition to computer software, you’ll need a French textbook, a grammar reference book, and a French-Russian dictionary.

Step 4

If it is impossible to use a professionally designed multimedia course, there is another way to learn French independently. Although in this case, the work will be more complex, and progress will be slower. First of all, try to get an excellent French tutorial guide. Try to choose the most readily available literature. When selecting it, please pay attention to what syllable the book is written in and how difficult it is for you to understand the material presented.

Step 5

In addition, be sure to purchase large French-Russian and Russian-French dictionaries, a grammar guide, and preferably a French tourist phrase book. With the help of a phrase book, you will learn the most common twists and expressions. You also need notebooks for your notes. Having separate notebooks and writing down new words with translation is better. Work on a tutorial guide, try to go through each lesson sequentially and complete all exercises and assignments. Make sure you know the inappropriate material. If you don’t understand something, don’t try to skip the topic and move on. 

Step 6

To better assimilate the basic vocabulary, make it a rule to learn ten new words daily. should study words this way:

  1. Make small cards from the thick paper, about a quarter of an A4 sheet.
  2. Write on one side ten new French words, on the back of the exact ten words with a translation into Russian.
  3. Learn the words by looking at the French originals and only look at the translation if you don’t remember the meaning.

Flashcards are helpful because you can take them wherever you go and learn words in every spare minute. For example, while travelling or waiting at a bus stop.

Step 7

An equally effective way is to record French words and phrases with translation in an MP3 player and listen on the go all day long. In this way, you gradually reach the required lexical volume. From the beginning of your studies, try watching as many French films as possible and read simple books or newspaper articles. This experience will give you the necessary daily skills to understand and apply a foreign language.

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