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Learning Ukrainian for someone who speaks Russian will not be difficult. After all, these languages ​​have the same basis. To quickly learn Ukrainian on your own, use a systematic approach in your classroom and do not miss a single day.

Learn Ukrainian fast
Learn Ukrainian fast

It is needed

  • – self-instruction manual;
  • – the Internet;
  • – acquaintances from Ukraine;
  • – notebook;
  • – vocabulary;
  • – movies and songs in Ukrainian.


Step 1

Listen to songs in Ukrainian. Find the lyrics of these songs on the Internet and their translation. Organize a special playlist for the player you always want to turn on. Learning a language through music is very effective and will help you quickly learn Ukrainian pronunciation.

Step 2

Ask your friends/acquaintances if any of them speak Ukrainian. If so, ask them to explain the basic grammar rules and demonstrate the pronunciation you have already learned. Let the person saying the language correct you in the necessary places. 

Step 3

Avoid movies in Russian. Find interesting TV shows with translations in Ukrainian. Relearn previously watched episodes in a new language. Having an idea of ​​what’s at stake already makes it easier for you to compare actions and words they signify.

Step 4

Find the first national channel of Ukraine if you have installed the NTV + package. Many programs on it are broadcast in Ukrainian. In addition, learn to use modern words and expressions in speech. This way, you can fully immerse yourself in the world of the language you are studying.

Step 5

Read online publications in Ukrainian. Today, you don’t have to be a resident of the target language country to check out their local press. For example, the website http://gazeta.ua/ contains a lot of information. By reading the press, you quickly learn Ukrainian, which expands your vocabulary well.

Step 6

Don’t try to dig into the grammar rules. The most important thing to learning a language quickly is to build a good vocabulary. To make memorization fun, try moving away from traditional forms. Don’t just write words in two columns. Be sure to study them in context, in sentences and in phrases. This way, you organize yourself into a good bag with valuable sentences. 

Step 7

A systematic approach is essential for language learning. If you need to learn Ukrainian fast, do it daily. It’s best to set aside time for bedtime: while you rest, the brain processes the information it receives and puts it “on the shelves”.

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