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The modern Turkish language belongs to the southwestern subgroup of the Turkic languages ​​and is the state language of the Turkish Republic. It is also spoken in Northern Iraq, Syria, Bulgaria and some other Balkan countries.

Learn Turkish fast
Learn Turkish fast

It is needed

  • – tutorial guide in Turkish;
  • – Russian-Turkish dictionary;
  • – books and films in Turkish;
  • – the Internet.


Step 1

You can learn Turkish yourself, with the help of a tutor or in a language course. To do this as quickly as possible, combine the lessons in the courses with daily self-study. In the first case, you will get the necessary direction in studies and practical communication in Turkish, and at home, you will consolidate and improve the knowledge acquired.

Step 2

Take advantage of the tutorial in the Turkish language. He will help you master it in stages, as self-guides are usually divided into lessons that correspond to specific topics. Do one of these classes daily, review all the rules and do the exercises. 

Step 3

Learn as many words as possible. In courses or a tutorial guide, they are usually broken down by subject. Don’t just try to remember the suggested words, but complete this list yourself. Start the morning by repeating the words you have already learned. Then, to remember them for a long time, use them in everyday speech. And be sure to read aloud sometimes to help you improve your pronunciation.

Step 4

Surround yourself with Turkish—download movies and books in this language from the Internet and various simple audio recordings. Train yourself to listen and see words in a foreign language constantly. Let them become a part of your life. Start with the most uncomplicated texts and gradually work your way up to a more challenging level. It won’t be easy for you initially, but try to delve into the lyrics, and over time you will understand them.

Step 5

Chat with native speakers. Today there are many forums on the Internet, the participants of which correspond and communicate in Turkish, develop and improve. Join them. You can also get to know the Turks and correspond with them on social networks. 

Step 6

To avoid bothering you, alternate the exercise with other exercises, for example, after practising grammar, watching a Turkish film, reading a book or listening to Turkish music.

Step 7

Practice for several hours a day every day. This is the only way to master the language quickly. If you are exhausted, rest, but be sure to keep going.

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