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5 simple tips to understand and remember information quickly and permanently.

Quickly understand and remember information?
Quickly understand and remember information?

Do you quickly remember and understand information?

Everyone has to remember information for a long time: teachers and students, children and parents. Then, of course, we find the highest volumes during certification and exam periods. What to do if the text read ten times in the morning in the evening is painfully reproduced in the middle? Perhaps the point lies precisely in the process of memorization and fixation. Psychologists and experts are sure that the usual memorization will not help here.

share what you read

Most of the information we take in at school or work is quite heavy. Q2 reports, scholarly articles on blended learning, or cultural discourses are not easy to find. Experts advise: retelling the material to friends, parents, or colleagues. First of all, you are unlikely to be able to repeat the information you are reading word for word, leaving you confused in terms and participial constructions. Second, other parts of the brain are involved in storytelling. Third, when you reproduce information, you will remember it in its “digested” but correct form.

Everything is like a joke about a young teacher: I explained the subject for the tenth time, I already remembered it, and I understood it myself, but they still can’t do it.

No need to speak out loud and “go back” with your eyes

In the article on memorizing poems, we wrote that it is easier to learn a text in this format when you say it out loud. Tested on me: for extensive articles, this method does not work. It is slow and distracting. While reading, you don’t have to whisper words or try to say what you are reading in your head. In this situation, your attention is distracted, the nervous system and eyes become tired, but the text is not remembered.

And another NO. Try not to focus your eyes on the passages already read. This confuses the process and concentration because a certain rhythm is entered during reading and memorization.

discuss and discuss

“If I have my own opinion of what I have read, I will certainly not forget its essence,” a student once said, and he was right. At the time, it was about the Cold War and the details of US foreign policy. The need to find arguments for class discussions led to an emotional connection to the material. If you remember that a fact revealed in time can “hit the enemy,” recognizing it becomes an almost pleasurable action. Share your opinion on social networks, comment on material, and organize discussions with friends!

Record what you read: record

If your goal is to memorize a scientific paper, report, or complex material, you can’t live without notes. The method of summaries is related to the solution to this problem. It is much easier to understand the ” thought of the author ” by organizing what you have heard or read in a convenient visual form, and it is much easier to understand the “thought of the author.” Use bright colours (no more than two other than blue) or symbols, mark formulas with a marker, and make lists.

Write down what you read: sign.

Why do you think infographics and visual aids are so popular in the educational environment? Because visualized information is much easier to accept, understand and remember. When reading complicated and overloaded material, keep a sheet of paper aside and pin the primary connections in the text. Arrow underlines, strikethroughs, and even an ordinary little guy will undoubtedly help: you may not remember the exact phrase, but place the term’s location on the sheet and the connections around it, then use the association method, “draw the required information from memory.

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