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The profession of a pilot is one of the most demanded in Russia today. Therefore, it is not surprising that many school graduates are interested in buying it. You can get the profession of a pilot at one of the many flight schools in the country. To successfully enroll in a flight school, it is necessary to understand what admission requirements are and what is required of a candidate.

How to register at a flight school?
How to register at a flight school?


Step 1

Since the days of the Soviet Union, all flight training institutes have been divided into civil and military. Accordingly, civilians train pilots for civilian transportation and commercial organizations, and the military trains pilots for service in the Air Force. In addition, these flight schools can be higher and secondary technical, courses lasting 5 or 3 years respectively.

Step 2

It is essential to remember that most flight schools today train the flight personnel themselves, that is, pilots, and also train all kinds of technical personnel for ground aviation services. Therefore, the entry requirements for applicants can vary considerably depending on the specific specialty and educational institution. 

Step 3

In most cases, people who have completed secondary education (high school diploma), are under 25, are fit for health reasons, and have successfully passed the entrance exams, can attend flight schools. As a rule, the list of exam subjects includes mathematics and Russian. In some cases, a physics exam is added.

Step 4

To be admitted to the entrance examinations and interviews, the candidate must submit the following documents to the selection committee:

– certificate of complete secondary or lower vocational education;

– a medical certificate according to the standard form 086/y, a certificate of vaccinations, a certificate of admission to physical education;

– autobiography;

certificate of neuropsychiatric and narcological dispensaries;

– 6 photos in 3×4 format;

When applying, the applicant personally provides a passport and a declaration of military service.

Step 5

In addition to the standard medical certificates, the specialization pilot pilots also require a positive conclusion from the special medical committee of VLEK at the flight school and the successful completion of professional and psychological selection. Some other specialties may require independent advice from an ophthalmologist.

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