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Aeroflot opened its flying school in 2011. This was due to the company’s need for flight personnel and difficulties in training pilots in aviation schools. Graduates of civil flight schools, those with advanced aviation or technical training, and military pilots can study at the school.

How to register for Aeroflot flight school
How to register for Aeroflot flight school

General information

At the beginning of the training at the flight school, there were two phases. In the first stage, training took place at the Ulyanovsk Higher Aviation School with a degree in Flight Operation of Aircraft. Studied there for 1.5 years. In the second phase, the training took place at the Aeroflot school on a contract basis for 6 months. If looking at the school were free, then the tuition fees would have to be paid at school, for which the company provided a targeted loan equal to the costs of the study. Furthermore, the contract with the student stipulated that after graduating from flight school, he would work at Aeroflot for 5 years, which would deduct from his salary to repay the loan. But this program did not work, as the airline failed to resolve the issue of budget funding from the state to pay for the training in the first phase.

The average salary of a copilot at Aeroflot is on average 250,000 rubles. Therefore, it will not be difficult to pay off the targeted loan allocated to study at the flight school.

In 2013, the flight training at Aeroflot consisted of two parts. Initial training took place at an accredited flight center in Florida, USA and lasted approximately 4.5 months. The course costs $ 55 thousand, and this does not include the cost of flights, visas and meals. After the training, the students passed two exams – in flight training and in a theoretical program. After successfully passing the exams, the student received an American standard pilot’s license. The training in the second part took place directly at the Aeroflot flying school. Here they learned the basics of flying a particular A320 aircraft. The study lasted 6-7 months and cost about $30 thousand.

Admission to the Aeroflot flying school

The school office, where you can bring a resume, conduct an interview and ask interesting questions, is located in the building of the Moscow State Technical University of Civil Aviation on the street. Kronshtadsky Boulevard, 20 on the 5th floor in room 505. School phone number – +7 (495) 981 55 20 51 or 52 add, email address – [email protected]

The Aeroflot Aviation School also recruits flight attendants for courses. The training lasts approximately two months. Basic English knowledge is required.

The school accepts both men and girls under the age of 35 with higher technical and aeronautical education and graduates from flight schools. Aeroflot also offers training for 4th and 5th year students of aviation institutes, so that students come to the company as co-pilots immediately after graduating from university and studying at a flight school. After a conversation and obtaining a special medical commission, everyone can start training. But if Aeroflot provides a targeted loan for the second part of the preparation, the student has to find the money for the first part himself. In 2013, this amount was $ 55 thousand.

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