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In creative work, the individuality of the author is expressed. By the content and the design of the project, one can judge a person on his hard work and interest in the subject. The more original the design of the work, the more you will be remembered by the management as the most ingenious and diligent employee.

Submit creative work
Submit creative work


Step 1

In creative work, there is room for imagination. Your work stands out from the rest and has a distinctive flavor and characteristics. In this case, take the project’s theme as a starting point. For example, a project aims to protect wild animals, animals, or birds. Then the report will look spectacular in the shape of a tree or a dog.

Make the title page in the plant’s shape, and the inside pages of the report can be left as classic. However, on each sheet in the lower right corner, where the page numbering usually goes, draw a pattern or miniature of an animal over a carbon copy without coloring it. Write the page number in the picture. Such a report will arouse the examiner’s interest, and he will certainly notice that you show initiative at work.

Step 2

Add photos you took while working to the report. For example, if it is a creative report on passing the practice or testing a working device, the examiner will be curious to see what the tests looked like in reality and under what conditions he had to work. Make small comments under each photo. Such a report will not seem formal or dry. This report shows that your author is interested in the topic.

Step 3

The cover of the report must bear the name of the educational or employment institution, the research topic, the name of the curator or leader, and the author’s name. On the second page after the title page, you should write the content: Characterize the chapter work-study course.

This standard report does not seem creative at first glance. However, suppose you add sketches that illustrate the main points of each chapter. In that case, your report runs the risk of being noticed by the (curated) immediate boss and senior management! Include the references you used to provide accurate data at the end of the report.

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