The best smart interactive whiteboards | Education 2022

Interactive whiteboards are increasingly indispensable in the learning process. Without them, solid seminars and presentations are unthinkable; they are becoming common in design organizations, corporate structures, universities, colleges, and even mainstream schools. Smart interactive whiteboards are considered among the best in quality, construction and software.

Smart Interactive Whiteboards
Smart Interactive Whiteboards

Benefits of intelligent interactive whiteboards

Smart is considered the world leader in interactive whiteboards. She developed the concept of the touchscreen in 1986, and in 1991 she launched the first consumer board. Since then, several lines of simple and convenient solutions have been developed to improve learning efficiency and improve the quality of teamwork.

An interactive whiteboard is a screen projected by a projector. The projector reads the information and transfers it to the computer. Specially designed intuitive controls allow you to work with unique markers and your finger, elbow, palm, pencil, and other methods. 

Innovative Notebook software is installed on the best interactive whiteboards – you can work with all text, objects, audio recordings, video material and resources from the World Wide Web. Furthermore, the platform allows you to write and store information directly on open documents, and the documents are opened with the same programs.

Popular Smart Board Interactive Whiteboard Models

The SMART Board 480 interactive whiteboard is considered the best value for money. You can control the graphics with a dry marker, fingers or palm while pairing is possible. Although the small screen size (maximum 77 inches) limits the scope and is more suitable for small classes or businesses, it is an interactive whiteboard.

The SMART Board 680 model has much more functionality, is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux and is easy to operate thanks to a specially designed ECP. In addition, interactive whiteboard lessons become much more fun and more prosperous with new features. 

Your SMART Board X880 interactive whiteboard offers even more innovation and features. In the eighth series, DviT technology has been implemented, allowing multiple people to work on different ends of the board simultaneously. With the help of simple gestures, you can rotate, move objects and change the scale of images.

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