The best ways to remember information | Education 2022

Even in the last century, an education system based on the so-called memorization appeared, memorizing information in a short time. This applies to both higher education and general education. There is a set of rules, after which you will notice significant improvements in memorizing new information.

The best ways to remember information
The best ways to remember information

The main drawback is that modern teaching methods in educational institutions do not allow you to acquire long-term skills. You remember, pass the session, and forget. As a result, after graduating from university, a person comes out who has forgotten 80% of the information received.
Make a note of
One of the most critical prerequisites for learning a skill is regular repetition. Always write down what you need to remember, the most vital points, do not throw these notes away in the future, but let them guide you through the years. Then, regularly repeat what you have written, and create a habit of learning and self-development.
Write by hand. In the future, think about what has been written before. Also, add different colors, create variety in your notes, relax the brain, and make associations, the favorite tool of our main “organic computer.”
After some time after acquiring new knowledge, you can try yourself – try yourself in the role of a teacher and find a person who can teach, preferably one who is far from the subject being taught. If the interlocutor understands, you will like a little excursion – you are on the right track; if there is no way to find a person, use the front camera and record yourself on video.
Train your public speaking skills. This is very important. In this way, close neural connections are formed, and the information seems to be absorbed by your brain. It is not for nothing that people who work as teachers over the years perfect the knowledge of the subject, they explain it to other people.
Associative memorization can be analyzed using the example of learning a foreign language. For example, your task is to try to remember a dozen words a day. Contrary to a lot of advice, use external factors. For example, you have a favorite TV show or series of videos on the internet. Record it in the background, watch, looking parallel to the recorded information.
What works here is you’re a fan of what’s going on in the background. This is your usual relaxation. It follows that automatically learned knowledge will have an association with this. As a result, you will regularly remember what you have learned.
Our brains are based on associations. The same goes for cats, dogs, and many intelligent animals. In a sense, we have also stayed in the animal past. Humans have made a rapid evolutionary leap, but many fundamental rules will work for a long time.

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