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It often happens that the student only realizes during the training that he has chosen the wrong speciality. And in some cases, it just becomes necessary to transfer to another educational institution. What may be required for this and other subtleties of transfer from one college to another are given below.

How to transfer from one university to another?
How do transfer from one university to another?

It is needed

Choosing a new educational institution, a photocopy and then the original the grade book / academic transcript, school certificate


Step 1

Choose a new study place, find out if there are places available. The translation is best done before the start of the school year and after the end of your college session.

Step 2

Apply to the new institution to be admitted with a photocopy of your grade book/transcript.

Step 3

The institution to which you will be transferred must provide you with a certificate stating that you have been admitted to the certification exams. 

Step 4

Due to the difference in the number of hours per field of study, and if there are courses at the new university of applied sciences that you have not studied before, there is a chance that you will have to clear your student debt.

Step 5

Writing a request for deletion to the dean’s office of your educational institution is necessary. The application must be accompanied by a certificate showing that you have been admitted to another university of applied sciences. Must make the deduction within ten days of using.

Step 6

You must request an academic transcript, which lists the disciplines you study, your grades, and the number of academic hours. It can take up to two weeks to receive the certificate.

Step 7

You have to ensure you get your high school diploma back in case it is still in college.

Step 8

Now you need to bring the original transcript to the new college. After verification of the correctness of the data will issue an enrollment order. 

Step 9

If you have student debt, the enrollment assignment contains:

  • An individual plan for your studies.
  • Indicating the hours in the courses.
  • The courses themselves.
  • The deadlines for their delivery.

Step 10

In the new study place, you will open your file. All necessary documents will be attached, including the original academic transcript, a certificate, a registration assignment, and a study contract (provided the place has been paid). The translation process is complete.

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