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The new higher education scheme says that anyone with at least a general secondary or specialized secondary education can attend university and graduate as an external student.

Graduating from a university as an external student
Graduating from a university as an external student


Step 1

If you decide to gnaw on the granite of science yourself, write an additional statement that you want to study as an external student when submitting documents to the university. But keep in mind that this type of training has some pros and cons.

Step 2

Virtually all specialties, except for some technical things, the understanding of which requires a great deal of full-time practical training, can be progressed through the external program. In that case, you will receive a state diploma. It differs from other certifications in that it bears a note stating that you have graduated from the university as an external student. In addition, the exact grade is created in your grade book – the most important document that accompanies you throughout your studies. 

Step 3

Of course, some employers believe that education by letter or through an external program does not provide the necessary knowledge. Still, such an opinion is against the discrimination law, and you can always prove in court that your education is no worse than another.

Step 4

At the start of the academic year, you will receive a curriculum of disciplines, questions for tests and exams at the dean’s office, and teaching materials from the education departments. Also, please get to know the teachers and agree with them on the deadlines for tests, exams, tests, and courses. A special instruction from the dean’s office will help you with this.

Step 5

The knowledge mastery of extraneous is done the same way as that of other students. First, you hand over current tests and courses, and you may have to work in the lab with a teacher. This way, you go through the entire specialization program. As a result, you have to collect a commission for state exams and diploma defense. 

Step 6

If you do not have a scholarship or were unable to fill in the budget, you will pay for the training on a contract basis. You don’t pay per semester or years of study, but per time the teacher spends with you.

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