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In March 2009, the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation issued an order to change the procedure for the admission of citizens to state educational institutions. This decision made it possible to significantly expand the list of persons who have the right to enter a university without passing the exam.


It is needed

  • Certificate of Education
  • Paper


Step 1

Apply to the admissions office of the selected university if you graduate before January 1, 2009. Then you have the right to undergo training without passing the exam in correspondence or evening form.

Step 2

You can count on traditional exams instead of the USE if you have graduated from specialized high schools (colleges, technical schools, lycées) and intend to continue your specialized education.

Step 3

Choose undergraduate, graduate, abbreviated study or a second degree. Candidates in this direction are also exempt from taking the exam.

Step 4

Take part in Olympiads on a Russian scale. This is the All-Russian Olympiad for schoolchildren and specialized tests conducted annually by almost all universities. You can participate by default during qualifying and the first rounds. Usually, you only have to drive to the university itself for

the final.

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