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You can pay for educational services in cash to the cashier of the educational institution through an external bank (for example, Sberbank) without opening an account, by depositing money into your cashier, or from your account at any bank. In the latter two cases, the bank usually charges a commission for the transfer, but there may be a separate agreement between the bank and a specific educational institution.

How to pay tuition fees?
How to pay tuition fees?


  • – Payment details;
  • – money equal to the training costs or part thereof;
  • – passport (not in all cases).


Step 1

When paying tuition fees directly to an educational institution, you will receive papers with which you have to go to the cash register to deposit cash. In small educational institutions (various courses, driving schools, and sometimes private universities, etc.), the person you decide all questions about the purchase of educational services can also accept payment.

However, there are also times when you get a receipt with the payment details through the bank.

Step 2

Usually, the payment is made through Sberbank of Russia. This option can also be specified as the only possible option to deposit money for additional services, such as public secondary schools. In Moscow, for example, it is determined by order of the city education department.

In other situations, you can pay through other banks. The availability of such a service and the amount of the commission should be checked with a specific bank.

You will be asked to inform the operator of the details, amount, and purpose of the payment. Several banks can apply for a passport.

Step 3

To pay the tuition from your account, you can contact the bank branch where it is open (the ability to serve a customer in a limited number of branches or any part of the country depends on the policy of a particular credit institution).

Show the operator your passport, and provide the details of the transfer, the amount, and the purpose of the payment. Then sign the proposed documents and receive payment confirmation in a check.

Step 4

If you have linked an internet client to your account, you can pay with it.

Log in to the system, and enter the required values ​​in the corresponding fields of the interface. If possible, ask the educational institution for your data in electronic form and enter it using the copy and paste method.

This information can also be found on the website of the educational institution, and all necessary information, except the account number, on the bank’s website where this account was opened.

Give a command to make a payment, and enter an additional identifier if necessary (payment password, variable code, etc.).

Visit the bank branch to receive a payment confirmation with the corresponding mark.

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