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Summer for graduates of schools and technical schools is unusual. Instead of a long-awaited rest, important exams await them – admission to an institution of higher education. The main thing is not to get confused and take all the necessary documents in this confusion.

What do you need to go to university
What do you need to go to university?

For university admission, the admissions committee of the selected faculty is provided with the necessary documents or their copies. If you opt for a full-time study, this must be done on 20 June, since the assessment already takes place at the beginning of July and admission to the specialism at the beginning of August. In the correspondence form of study, the acceptance of documents also begins at the end of June but lasts until mid-August. The sooner you submit the documents, the less time you will have later, and you can fully concentrate on the entrance exams. The list of required documents may differ slightly depending on the university’s requirements, which should clarify with the Admissions Office. However, the basics are the same: to enter the university, you must present a certificate of the Unified State Exam in all subjects, either the original or a copy. It is necessary to complete an application for the direction of training specialists, bachelor or masters. You will receive a sample and an application form at the admissions office of the faculty. You must also personally present your passport and bring a photocopy of 2, 3, and 5 pages. Provide the original or a copy of the document at secondary or higher education: certificate, diploma. If you are applying to multiple universities, you must keep the original and pass it directly to the faculty. You will use it upon receipt of the exam results. If you are eligible for benefits, you must submit a certificate. It will not be superfluous to bring originals and copies to deliver diplomas of thanks, letters of recommendation, results of the Olympiads, and a certificate of graduation from a music school. Members of the committee have the right to include them in the list of submitted documents, which can then contribute to your registration. University admission is based on the exam results, if they are high enough. For those who did not pass the unitary state. An exam in the subjects required for admission or have not been able to, and admission tests are taken directly at the university. The date and place of the assessment must be stated when submitting documents to the selection committee. For enrollment at the faculty, you must submit the originals of the USE certificate and a certificate or diploma of previous education. 6 3×4 photos are taken to complete the documents and issue a student card. The department is also provided: a medical statement in the form No. 086-U and a copy of a health insurance policy IF YOU APPLIED IN MORE THAN ONE PLACE, military ID, or get documents from other faculties and universities.

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