Websites to learn English for kids: 5 of the most interesting | Education 2022

Do you want your child to learn English well, but don’t know how to build the learning process? In this article, we share the best sites to help your little one learn English.

Websites to learn English for kids: 5 of the most interesting
Websites to learn English for kids: 5 of the most interesting

Modern children live on the Internet, whether we like it or not. So the network became, for them, an extension of their personality, another way of getting to know the world around them, and you know, this isn’t always a bad thing.


You have to choose what they need, essential and valuable. So I offer a small selection of sites that will help children learn English in a fun way.

study languages ​​online

A simple site with easy lessons for young people that inform you about the alphabet and articles, words and names, numbers, and topics. The site can hear how some word is pronounced, and each lesson is divided into phases with simple tasks (choose a word by sound, correlate a subject and a name, etc.), which are interesting to learn from. Feed.


A bright, modern site with an engaging educational program in which children learn words and trained memory and logical thinking. Each video lesson consists of several educational games and fun assignments linked together in one educational complex.

The program is designed for students aged 1-5 and covers various topics necessary for communication. The site promises a lot of fun, joy, and fun for your child!


An English site created for preschool, high school, and primary school students. There are many videos, songs, and simple keyboard toys. Although all words and explanations are given in English only, the site is suitable for those who want to immerse their child in the language environment and not only teach him to translate.

English club

Another site without a single Russian word with riddles, pictures, and songs classified by difficulty. The simple (even minimalist) design makes it easy to understand what and how to do it. A separate small section contains voice exercises for rhymes, and there are many fascinating stories here.

Children’s books online.

On this site, young readers will find books for all ages and knowledge levels. Stories and stories are presented in the form of scanned pages so that you can read them and see images.

The site also has the option to click on the button to see the translation of the page in another foreign language, for example, Portuguese. You can also listen to these books in audio format for further study.

Each of these sites has its characteristics and exciting finds, and everywhere you can have fun with your kids. You need to choose the most suitable option!

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