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Upon admission to a higher education institution, the applicant must submit several documents. There are nuances in the provision of the necessary documentation for specific categories of citizens (disabled persons, persons who have completed military service).

What documents are required at the university?
What documents are required at the university?

For admission to a higher education institution of the main category of citizens, the following documents are required:
1. Application is written in a particular form. Upon admission to the first year, the applicant is entitled to simultaneously write applications to up to five universities in any three specialisms for undergraduate or specialist training programs.
2. Document (certificate) about the availability of secondary complete general education (original or copy).
3. Certificate of Unified State Exam (Unified State Exam) results, original or copy.
4. Identity documents of the applicant (passport), original or copy.
5. Photos (usually 6-8 photos in 3×4 format).
6. Medical certificate (required only in some universities).
Individuals who have served conscription and who have resigned due to the end of their term of office have the right to provide, within one year of discharge from the service, the USE results they received in the year before conscription. They also show, among other things, a military ID upon admission to the university.
Candidates with special rights or privileges for admission to universities established by the law of the Russian Federation submit the original or a photocopy of the documents confirming them.
Candidates with disabilities and health indicators shall provide an original or a photocopy of one of the following documents:
1. Closure of the medical-psychological-pedagogical committee;
2. Certificate concerning the creation of a group of disabled people, issued by the Medical and Social Commission of Federal Significance.
Disabled children, as well as people with disabilities of groups I and II, who are eligible for admission to non-competitive universities, shall submit an original or a photocopy of certificates of disability and a medical certificate that there are no contraindications to attending a higher educational institution.
Anyone applying for a master’s degree must also submit a bachelor’s, specialist or master’s degree.
Candidates entering target places must submit original educational documents.

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