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Today, more and more often on the network, you see “invite to a master class …” or “present a master class about making …”. This concept was not that popular recently, but now it has come into everyday use.

What is a master class?
What is a master class?

The word “master class” came to us from the English language, namely master (a master, a person with knowledge and experience in a particular field) and class (lesson, lesson). Today this word is widespread. Now even the most regular seminars are referred to by it.
In ordinary life, a master class takes place as a seminar. That is, the “teacher” tries to transfer all his experience to the “students” and shows everything with a clear example. In this case, such lessons are very similar to refresher courses.
There are also special master classes for professionals. In this case, people can get acquainted with the author’s methods and developments and learn about new technologies.

For example, the masterclass is given by well-known experts who share a unique methodology developed and implemented by the students. In addition, these masters share their experiences with their colleagues and help find shortcomings in work.
The masterclass allows the teacher to transfer experience and knowledge to his students. And because such lessons include a direct and commented demonstration of working methods, students understand all the nuances faster.
But there are not only master classes in the form of seminars. There are also examples of such courses on the network. An online masterclass is an excellent lesson in exchanging experiences in a particular area. This could be training in bead making, website creation, sewing stuffed animals, or making candy bouquets. In principle, anyone can create a masterclass that helps others do something themselves.
The master class can be designed as an article with photos illustrating each action step or in the form of a video clip. The primary condition is that a person without special training and knowledge could independently do the same as the “teacher.”

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