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It isn’t easy to imagine today’s life without communication. It is an integral part of communication. Knowing its basics will help you build more effective relationships, both in your personal life and business.

What is communication
What is communication


Step 1

Communication is the process of sending a message from addressee to addressee. Your message will come across better if you pay attention to the composition of the message, the choice of delivery channels, the context and the feedback.

Step 2

The receiver in the communication process is a source of information. It is up to him how the message is presented, whether it is emotionally coloured, what part of the subjectivity will occur, etc.

Step 3

The message, according to Laurel, is a code, that is. Its meaning is encoded in speech or writing. Therefore, problems can arise in the perception of information. The recipient (addressee) can decipher the code incorrectly, and then the message’s meaning is distorted. This significantly reduces the effectiveness of communication. 

Step 4

Communication channels are anything through which a message is sent from sender to receiver. It can be a face-to-face conversation, a phone call, and email communication. If we talk about communication on a larger scale, it is worth noting that the channels can include television, radio, press, internet, etc.

step 5

Several barriers can arise during the transmission of a message, which depends on whether or not the expected effect of the communication is achieved. Barriers can be linguistic, for example, if the addressee and recipient speak different languages. The occurrence of semantic barriers is also possible, for example, if the people participating in the communication belong to different social strata, have different levels of education, etc.

Step 6

The context or the conditions of the communication also play an essential role in achieving the efficiency of the transmission and reception of the message. Should note that the environment can disrupt and contribute to this process.

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