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The school years fly by quickly, and now you are faced with the question of choosing a profession. If you know how to write beautifully and skillfully and also strive to keep up to date with events taking place in your area and around the country, if you enjoy meeting and interacting with new and interesting people, try asking a journalist.

What does it take to apply for a journalist?
What does it take to apply for a journalist?

Decide on the choice of the educational institution. Are there universities in your city that train journalists? Are you ready to apply to another city? Will this city be Moscow or St. Petersburg, or do you prefer your regional center? Are you planning to go on a budget, or can you afford to pay for college? After you determine these questions for yourself, you can move on to clarifying the information you need to enter university successfully.
Ask the receptionist of your chosen higher education institution which courses you need to take. Don’t be satisfied with the information you learned a few years ago, and the rules may have changed. Usually, besides accepting the USE results (there will undoubtedly be Russian language and literature), the Faculty of Journalism holds a creative competition among applicants. The grade for this exam is added to the scores for the rest of the subjects. To find out last year’s pass score and assess your strength appropriately.
Often, for admission to the Faculty of Journalism, an applicant must carry articles that have been published in a publication. Must also clarify this rule beforehand with the selection committee or on the faculty website. Working as a freelance correspondent, magazines often publish exciting articles sent to them, written in a good style.
Register for university education. Should do this in advance. Usually, the number of places in such courses is less than the number of people who want to study in them. A university can have classes of nine months, six months, or three months. Of course, it is more effective to take longer practices, but if you didn’t have time to enroll in nine-month classes, go for six.
Before registering for the exam, call the Admissions Office again and provide the list of courses to take: did you need the results of another exam for admission.
After the required subjects are handed over, take the received certificates, passport, school certificate, and photo and go to the university to write an application for admission. You can undoubtedly enroll in the chosen specialty if you have high results.

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