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Even a student who has been diligent in the past may have a situation where he is about to be expelled. This is usually due to a failed exam or a thesis not being submitted on time. But what if the deduction has already taken place?

What to do when expelled from the institute?
What to do when expelled from the institute?

First, the student must know whether he is excluded. On this occasion, the dean or rector of the university issues a particular assignment with which the student must be made familiar. Also, the former student should be given documents stored in his file at the university – first of all, and this is a certificate for graduation.
Can anything be changed once the rectorship has already been issued? According to the rules of most universities, a student is entitled to reassignment to the programme. To do this, you must contact the dean’s office before the next academic year and indicate that you wish to continue studying. Most likely, you can be reinstated in the course removed from you. First-year students are an exception – they will have to re-enrol.
A student who has completed three years of study and subsequently removed is also entitled to a certificate of incomplete higher education. This is an official document; it may be presented during employment as evidence of your training in a speciality over several years. However, such a document does not imply the appropriation of a profession. You can also try to enter another university with this document. This can be formatted as a translation. However, keep in mind that the training program in the new educational institution may differ, even if the names of the specialities are the same. For example, you may be transferred to a junior course or have to take additional exams in those disciplines that were not part of your study program at the previous university.
Also, removal due to academic failure can be an opportunity to think about the right choice of a speciality. Often a person who does not show much zeal in his studies chooses the wrong profession. Therefore, you can also consider the possibility of entering the first year in a completely new speciality, which seems closer and more interesting to you.

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