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Actors are usually called by calling, at the behest of the soul. But to become an outstanding artist, talent alone is not enough, it has to be developed. There are theater universities for this.

What do you need to go to the theater institute
What do you need to do to the theater institute?

It should be borne in mind that many famous actors did not enter the theater institute on their first attempt. There’s nothing wrong with that – if there’s talent, it’s sure to get noticed. However, to avoid setbacks and disappointments, better prepare for the tests. Theater entrance exams differ from similar tests in other educational institutions in that they contain several stages: audition in 3-4 rounds, essay, and colloquium. At each stage, candidates who fail the tests are eliminated. Listening is the first stage where the teachers and the master of the course decide whether you will be admitted to further tests. Try to make a good impression on the examination board. The second test phase is guided tours. There are three or four of them, and they are assigned different tasks at all theater universities. Here you have to read poems and prose memorized fables and show your vocal, dance, and improvisation skills. The effectiveness of the tour largely depends on your preparation. Excessive excitement can only get in the way, so try to be calm and composed. As seniors say about the admissions committee, “No one has left them lifeless yet.” The third stage of the entrance examination for the theater university is composition. Now you can relax a little. The fact that you reached the essay suggests that the committee liked you. But keep in mind that an illiterate written work can negate all your successes, so you should prepare well for an essay. The colloquium is the final stage of the entrance examinations. You talk tête-à-tête with the selection committee. You get various questions about the history of theatre, film, literature, and art to find out how to have a conversation and what your vision is. If you pass all the tests with honors, then the decision on your admission to the theater institute will most likely be favorable.

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