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The hospitality industry is one of the most popular forms of activity in the service sector. But for such a business to really flourish, a good kitchen is not enough. As in any professional field, it is desirable that the restaurant employs qualified personnel, from managers to waiters. The necessary qualifications can be obtained with experience, but it can be done much faster by studying at a special educational institution or by taking courses.

Where they teach restaurant business?
Where they teach restaurant business?

Features of Restoration Training

If you seriously want to get started in the hospitality industry or make it your profession, you cannot do without specialized higher education. Due to the high demand for a profile manager’s specialty in this field, many universities offer paid courses in hospitality and catering. And while the cost of such training ranges from $1,000 to $2,500 per year, there is quite a bit of competition for admission to many prestigious universities. Of course there are cheap places, but unfortunately there are very few.

If you choose a specialty, you should choose a specialization: you can become a manager-organizer or economist, these are different areas in the service sector. Specialists with an economic profile are dedicated to the development of pricing strategies and policies, which will allow the catering company to cope with the fierce competition that exists in this field. Those who specialize in organizational areas will recruit and train staff, fill administrative positions, and generally be responsible for the successful operation of the restaurant.

Which universities in Moscow train restoration professionals?

Those who are more interested in the economic aspect of the restaurant business can turn to the Russian Academy of Economics, the famous Plekhanovka (REA) or the Moscow Higher International Business School (MIRBIS). The “organizers” were trained at the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (RUDN). Specialists of both profiles were trained at the Moscow Government Academy of Tourism, Hotels and Restaurant (MATGRB) and at the Institute of Tourism and Hospitality of the Moscow State Service University.

Entering the specialty “Restaurant Business Organization”, you must have knowledge of foreign and Russian languages, as well as history and geography, to enter the economic specialty, you must also know mathematics well. The exams require you to pass a test in two subjects and an interview, which determines professional suitability.

To study abroad

It is also possible to obtain an international certificate as proof of professional specialization in the hospitality industry abroad. The training is aimed at preparing effective managers in this field, after graduating from some schools you can obtain bachelor’s and master’s degrees, as well as a diploma that will open the doors of the most prestigious restaurants.

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