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If a graduate school fails to pass the USE and other exams upon entering the institute, there is another option for him to pursue higher education with a state diploma. There is a large selection of specialties in such educational institutions and a convenient way to work with teachers.

Which institutions are accepted without exams and USO?
Which institutions are accepted without exams and USO?

High school students who are not afraid to take an unconventional path can pursue higher education without passing the institute exams and the Unified State Examination. There is no higher education institution where you do not have to take exams for admission. For those unsure of their ability to face the fierce competition for cheap places and lack the opportunity to study for a fee, there is an alternative way to earn a coveted higher education degree: distance learning.

We entered the institute without passing any exams and exams.

A computer, the Internet, and the desire to master learning materials independently are sufficient for distance learning. Therefore, the teaching staff of such institutes and universities took into account all the features of the daily life of a student studying remotely and prepared high-quality teaching materials, which are sent to the student in the form of lectures. They can be published in audio or video format and the traditional version – in the document of text prints. 

The most serious difficulty for students with this form of study is self-organization. The speed of the educational process directly depends on the student’s ability to master the material and the desire to systemize his work. Acceptance of documents in foreign universities takes place all year round, and completed tests are sent by mail or via the Internet. There is an option to get advice from teachers online. If a student cannot receive study material via an electronic network, I will send him CDs with recordings of lectures and tutorials.

Leading Distance Learning Centers

Almost all accredited institutions have a department that does correspondence work with students, where your presence is not required to pass the sessions. There are also independent units of these higher education institutions. 

– At the Novosibirsk State Pedagogical University, there is a Center for Open Distance Learning for all. You can obtain a diploma in the following specialties: psychology, law, social pedagogy, etc.

– Invite students to study remotely from IBPU – Institute of Business, Psychology, and Management. There is an excellent choice of specialties, and to start training, all you need is payment and internet access.

– The Distance Institute of Tomsk State University offers the opportunity to pursue higher education at a distance in the specialties: of radio engineering, state. Management, economics and finance, management, etc.

Therefore, for school graduates who do not want to take exams and the Unified State Examination when entering a university, there is a decent way to remotely obtain all the knowledge and certification documents necessary to build their career.

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