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Certification is an essential aspect of professional activity. It is on the results that the category or category depends, and consequently, the employee’s salary. Many organizations, especially those working in the public sector, also go through this procedure for a time and have to submit several documents to the competent committee. The report is just one of them, which the employee or organization must present convincingly.

Write a report for attestation
Write a report for attestation

It is needed

  • – reporting documentation from a company or organization for the required period;
  • – methodical and scientific developments;
  • – statistical data from other organizations with a similar profile for the reporting period;
  • – photocopies of publications.


Step 1

A style assessment report is no different from any other scientific or methodological work. The sections in it are about the same. May impose additional requirements for representatives of some professions. Read this before preparing for certification. As a rule, the head of the enterprise has appropriate methodological developments. 

Step 2

Start your report with a short introduction of yourself. This part should not repeat your autobiography; it is only about professional activities. Tell us about which university you graduated from, where and when you improved your qualifications. Don’t be shy and celebrate your professional achievements. Don’t forget scientific publications. Try to keep it very short. The report itself is small, and information about you should take up no more than an A4 page, printed in 14-point size with an interval of one and a half.

Step 3

In the second part of the introduction, tell us about your organization. What does she do, what tasks does she set herself, and how does she arrive at their solutions. Describe the premises, technical equipment, and staff qualifications. Please tell us which scientific, industrial, educational or cultural programs your organization participates in. Do not forget to mention the victories in the competitions and the various diplomas she obtained. 

Step 4

In the introduction, you should also talk about your structural unit:

  1. Clarify which specific tasks of the production or scientific process it is working on.
  2. Describe your department buildings and the devices you and your colleagues use.
  3. Indicate the personnel structure and your place in it.
  4. Write about the unit’s performance.

Step 5

An essential part is analytical. It requires numbers and facts. They are best taken from the entire organization’s reporting data for the required period. Using the evidence, compare the organization’s activities with how it operated in the previous reporting period. Describe precisely what you’ve done to make your business work better. Support your findings with figures.

Step 6

For the most part, comparing your organization’s work with similar ones is also necessary. You can find the essential statistics on the official websites of these organizations. Indicate the latest scientific or methodological developments you use and what results they have brought to the entire company’s work.

Step 7

Tell us about your customers, students, or patients. Describe them by age, gender, and level of education. Please explain how you work with them and what services, help, knowledge, or skills they receive from you. If you have their feedback on your work, don’t forget to mention it.

Step 8

Describe any lectures or consultations you gave during the reporting period. For a teacher, these can be consultations for parents and the public, and a doctor – courses on prevention in educational institutions or companies. For an engineer, this can be vocational guidance lessons with students and for an office worker. Tell us how you work with interns and what knowledge they gain in your classes. Finally, please answer the question, how do you work with novice colleagues and employees with more modest qualifications, what experience do you pass on to them, and how.

Step 9

The head of the structural unit must also indicate what organizational and methodological work he carries out with the team and how he cares about the qualifications of his employees. Tell us about your department’s organizational structure, what methodological lessons you’ve taught, and what courses you’ve sent employees to.

Step 10

Summarize the work done in the last section. Tell us what goals you haven’t achieved so far. Submit your suggestions to improve organizational performance. Determine the prospects for your work and its improvement. For representatives of different professions, certification is carried out at various intervals, which must be considered. Only talk about the reporting period. You will need to submit some documents, and all other information can be included therein. State your last name, first name, and surname on the previous page. Sign and date. They should be in the bottom right corner, like your signature.

Step 11

The report requires attachments. These may be photocopies of your published work. If there are many articles or if they are too long, add excerpts or even just a list with the imprint. Prepare a bibliography. It is composed in the same way as any other scientific work.

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