“I pay for each grandmother’s purchase at the bakery in front of me”

Dieter Bohlen is known as the “Ax of Forest Entertainment”. The former Modern Talking singer, who is around as the face of television after his singing career, has been known to pull no punches.

As the program “Deutschland sucht den Superstar”, inextricably linked to the northern warhorse, will enter its 20th season and therefore a significant anniversary in the coming days, RTL has a very personal interview. with boards posted by Dieter.

Private perspectives on the life of Dieter Bohlen

In it, the music bard provides private insights into his life, talks about finances, and his (not) skills at home.

According to his own statement, Dieter Bohlen has a good hand with the former, that is, with the filthy Mammon, while he himself is a loser in the house.


“(…) During the year that I had a break, I did nothing more than look at stocks and bonds for twelve hours a day. It has always been my hobby, but now I have had a lot of time for it. I also just spoke with a banker who knows almost everyone in the music industry and he says that I am the only exception who has complete financial knowledge.”

When asked about his skills between the stove and the dust, that is, at home, the DSDS jury member answers:

“I’m a pathetic cook, I’m a loser in the house, I can’t do anything (…)”

But Verona Pooth’s ex-husband has a big heart.

generous with old ladies

So he quickly takes over the old ladies bill. Citation:

“I pay for the purchase of each grandmother who stands in front of me at the bakery. They order three rolls and a piece of apple pie for the afternoon and if you tell them, ‘I’ll pay for that right away‘- that look, so incredulous and grateful, I like it a lot. But I have also had grandmothers who deceived me (laughs): recently I was in our supermarket, there is a corner where you can eat. There were two grandmothers sitting there, whose account I had written on mine. To my great surprise, they actually had 102 euros on their watch because they had given themselves some champagne and I don’t know what before! He was happy to pay it, but he had to smile. (…)”

Few suspect that Dieter Bohlen has such a side, especially in the context of his icy sayings to the DSDS candidates.

The pop titan prays every day

It’s also hard to imagine the pop titan praying every day, but he does.

Quote from said interview:

“(…) I also like that the family prays every day at breakfast and I could not fall asleep without prayer. For me, that is a certain humility and gratitude. I am not one of those people who invoke God when they feel bad, on the contrary: when I feel better, I pray almost longer. (…)”

Well amazing! As is often the case with rich and well-known people: you think you know them, but of course you only know those aspects that they present to the public.

Even more endearing, however, when the celebrities have kept their down-to-earth attitude. That seems to be the case with Dieter Bohlen!


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