infertility and guilt

The accuse It is one of the symptoms that appear in the anxious or depressive symptomatology. Along with others like that Anger and sadness, guilt includes thoughts about the past or about situations that we cannot change and that we can feel powerless about because of that. It is common to hear guilt-laden messages in counseling, either towards oneself or directly/indirectly towards one’s partner. For example: “We should have started looking for children earlier, otherwise it would have been easier to know what we have infertility problems causes feelings of pain, and frustration as well accuse. But how is the latter expressed?

Psychological consequences associated with the diagnosis of infertility

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How Does Infertility Guilt Work?

Having trouble conceiving or having children and saying guilt-laden messages to yourself is a huge waste of energy that causes the person to “burn out,” feel frustrated, and stop acting because they theoretically “don’t already have anything.” can be done”. Investing strength in thinking about the past rather than what could be done in the present to change the situation.

Really with these types of messages, they prioritize negative thoughts and we punish ourselves and sabotage ourselves, leading to the person self-blocking and giving up trying to have a child. The Blame reports create a vicious circlewhere you criticize yourself for something you did or didn’t do (e.g., not having been ready to be a mother before, taking birth control pills, having an abortion, etc.), you feel guilty for not having done it other decision, she withdraws and no longer tries other ways of having a child.

Often the explanation is due to the enormous Feeling of fear felt before diagnosis and the situation being experienced. In the end, the person who feels guilty has a very negative self-image about feeling invalid and having low self-esteem.

You can give yourself one too deterioration of marital relationseither by feeling guilty about not being able to achieve the pregnancy and complete the family project with your partner… or, from the other person’s point of view, feeling guilty about (unintentionally) blaming your partner for not having children can get.

is relevant Work those feelings of guilt and self-loathing. As long as they persist, you remain locked and cannot continue the duel. You may feel unworthy of a happy life and stop getting involved in projects you previously looked forward to.

Fear of pregnancy after a loss

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It can be helpful to know that the The perception of memories differs depending on a person’s mood. Happy people remember more good or happy events than actually happened and forget the bad ones more quickly. On the other hand, sad or depressed people are more accurate on both counts and more balanced in assessing success and failure. However, they may downplay situations that influenced their previous decisions. For example, when they delay having a child because they do not feel prepared or because they are looking for a stable job.

May be Being guilty of something implies responsibility and willfulness. Nobody chooses a disease related to infertility or sterility. It is something that happened and implies a cause and effect relationship.

You can participate in psychological counseling Techniques to work with guilt, among other things, such as cognitive restructuring, emotional rational imagination and the refutation of ideas. A good step to break out of this vicious cycle and move forward can be to seek psychological help from a professional.

Mary is health psychologist. She specializes in research and treatment in psychopathology and mental health. He has completed two official Masters at the University of Valencia (UV).

Since 2015 he has been working with the association ASPROIN, which focuses on people with infertility problems where does individual and couple psychological support. She also creates posts on her blog that provide high-quality scientific evidence on fertility.

Since 2014 he has been working as Teacher in various workshops to improve mental wellbeing, and the use of instruments for better capacity development. Recently she has worked as a community mediator on issues of Socio-cultural integration of migrant women.

He is currently collaborating on our website to review and write content on psychology and infertility.

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