Is it time to clear your relationship?

Grumpily, I click on the article “Does that make you happy or can it go away?” by Anna Zimt. Marie Kondo for their relationship. clear up your relationship. An exciting approach. And he’s certainly right about that. But I can say one thing: cleaning the shoe cabinet is much easier.

Start a normal day.

My husband’s cell phone vibrates. It must be 5:30 now. He tries to snuggle in, but I pull the covers over my ears. Let me. I only have an hour until the little one wakes up. My husband gets up, goes to the bathroom, blows his nose. Why does it have to be so loud? Torooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Now if the kid wakes up from this, I’ll go crazy. Guffing, I go back to sleep, but just as I’m about to doze off, a high-pitched scream echoes through the baby monitor. Good clean!

Twelve hours later…

… my husband comes home from work. He talks happily about his day as I feed the baby, trying to get as much food IN his mouth as possible instead of out, on the floor or in my pants. At the same time, my truffle pig sniffs around the high chair, but more is poured on his head than he finds on the floor. “You don’t even listen to me”says my husband. Glanced up: “Hmm?”“I said that I will be at the head office until next Wednesday. I thought you would be happy! But your enthusiasm is limited. I wrinkle my forehead. I’m happy? But yeah. Whereby. It doesn’t change anything in my daily life. Maybe I can sleep a little more. Well, I’m happy! “nice honey”I say in conclusion.

just rest a while

The child does not want to fall asleep. He rumbles hysterically as soon as I close the door behind me. After an hour of singing, rocking, stroking, hugging, rocking, shhhh. resonates. I’d like to send my husband, but I won’t because he wouldn’t be of any use anyway. The dad just acts as an amplifier at the kid’s screaming level. MUST be mom. I slump out the bedroom door for a moment and put my head on my knees. Just briefly. Just rest a while. Mom will be back soon.

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