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Is naked juice healthy or not?

Are unfiltered drinks healthy?

It is difficult to determine if certain foods are healthy or not. Most foods can be considered part of a healthy diet as long as they are eaten in the recommended amounts. Even sweets! Pure products undoubtedly provide more nutrients than soft drinks. But is that enough? Is naked juice healthy or not? Explained

For a deeper analysis, we must examine the type of drinks they offer.

half naked

Half-Naked includes a variety of mixed drinks that “contain 50 percent less sugar than leading brands.” If you compare semi-naked drinks to their other varieties, they contain significantly less sugar. There are 26 grams of sugar (1.7 grams per ounce) in the Half-Naked Lively Green shake, while the Naked Green Machine has 53 grams of sugar (3.5 grams per ounce), just like the Greens protein shake has a whopping fifty grams of sugar (3.3 grams per ounce).


The Naked’s Machine range is a line of smoothies made from fruit juice and fortified with healthy ingredients such as ginger, kale, spirulina, spirulina flaxseed and wheatgrass to provide additional nutrients. Calories for machine shakes range from 230 to 320 calories per regular bottle.

fruits and vegetables

Their Fruit & Veggie line is a basic range of Naked shakes. The selection includes shakes like Strawberry Banana, which is mixed with banana, strawberries and orange. The calories in this selection of fruits and vegetables range from 170 to 290 calories per bottle.


Flavors include Blueberry Banana, Peach Mango, Tropical, Greens, and Double Berry. Naked’s protein blends have the equivalent of 18-30g of protein and between 330-390 calories per bottle. Depending on your personal goals, drinks with similar amounts of protein and calories can be an ideal post-workout snack.

Cold pressed

Drinks made with Naked’s Cold Pressed have less sugar than their other drinks. There are 23.5 grams (1.9 grams per ounce) of sugar in cold-pressed light greens. Cold-pressed juice is made using hydraulic presses instead of the auger or juicer.

food breakdown

Naked is open about the nutritional value of its drinks. It’s easy to find nutrition information on their website and packaging to learn more about the high calorie and high sugar content of their drinks. They also make it clear on their website that they do not offer low calorie drinks. The high sugar and calorie content of naked drinks is due to the fact that they contain the most vegetables and fruits in each bottle.

Even in simple looking shakes like Orange Mango, the shake actually contains the juice of:

1-1/2 oranges

1-1/2 apples

half mango

“a touch” of banana.

Blue Machine juice consists of:

three and 1/2 apple

1 banana

27 blueberries

3 blackberries

While it’s important to eat a wide variety of fruits and vegetables every day, the most nutritious source comes directly from whole fruits and vegetables. It is recommended that only 1 of your daily servings of vegetables and fruits come from juice.

It's healthy naked juice
It’s healthy naked juice

Is the sugar in naked drinks healthy?

Naked has no added sugar in its drinks. The high sugar content is due to the natural sugar in the fruit. While there are no refined sugars in soft drinks, 53g of sugar in a single drink is a lot of sugar.

Many people may find it difficult to understand that the “no added sugar” label is misleading and may interpret it as an indication that sugar-free beverages are not sweetened. “No added sugar” simply means that all the sugar in the drink comes naturally from fruit. It’s still sugar, it’s just not naturally present.

The sugars found naturally in fruits and vegetables, especially sugars like glucose and fructose, are not harmful to your health. But the excess sugar that is not used as energy for our body is stored and stored as fat. A high amount of fructose, in particular, can increase the likelihood of metabolic syndrome, high cholesterol, diabetes, and fatty liver.

Juices can also affect blood sugar levels more than whole fruits. The glycemic index measures how much a certain food affects blood sugar levels over an hour on a scale of zero to 100. The higher the range, the higher the blood sugar level. Apples have a GI of 38 and cider has a glycemic index of over 41.

Avoid low protein and low fiber drinks to prevent hunger from coming back. This could result in you consuming more calories and sugar.

Do Naked’s competitors have less sugar and calories?

Comparing Naked’s competitors, we can see the amount of sugar and calories.

Suja Juice Company.

The main difference between the two brands, Naked and Suja Juice, is that Suja is the only company that sells cold-pressed juices, as well as wellness shots and kombucha. Cold-pressed juice is only a small part of what Naked offers.

Suja’s Green Supreme contains 180 calories and 36 grams (2.25 grams per ounce) of sugar per bottle. This is comparable to the calorie and sugar content of Naked’s own cold-pressed green juice.

Bolthouse Farms

Bolthouse Farms sells juices, salad dressings, health drinks, and iced coffee. A 15-ounce container of Bolthouse Blue Goodness has 290 calories and 54 grams of sugar. It’s comparable to Naked’s Blue Machine, which contains 555 grams of sugar. It’s impossible to ignore the amount of sugar and calories in smoothies and juices made from fruits and vegetables, whether you’re consuming Naked or other brands.

What is the final verdict?

A 16-ounce can of Pepsi contains 56 grams (3.5 grams per ounce) of sugar. Naked’s drinks have up to 53 g (3.5 grams per ounce) of sugar per typical 15.2-ounce bottle. Semi-naked and cold-pressed drinks contain half the sugar content and are the newest products in the range. When faced with a choice between a bottle or bottle of Pepsi or a fruit smoothie, the smoothie is the healthier choice as it is packed with nutrients whereas Pepsi, like other soft drinks, is devoid of vitamins and minerals, making it which means it is essentially empty. calories

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