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London Zoo tickets for just £3 and free entry for teens!

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London Zoo tickets for just £3 and free entry for teens!

Everyone seems to be feeling the pinch, and it can be hard to find fun things to do with the family that aren’t worth an arm and a leg. This can also be difficult during the middle of the time period, when the father and mother and guardians have five more days in which the children must be occupied. With little money, you’ll have to find crossover events that won’t leave your bank empty.

If you find yourself in London at any level, you may be in luck! London Zoo is offering a new low cost ticket scheme for a limited time, where you can get tickets for just £3!

£3 tickets are available to qualifying low-income households and can bring people closer to wildlife during a fun and exciting day trip. London Zoo is run by ZAL, a global conservation charity, which works hard to revive wildlife and bring people closer to beloved animals, both large and small.

A magical day trip

Squirrel monkeys at London Zoo

Spend a magical day spotting Critically Endangered Sumatran tiger cubs, western lowland gorillas and Humboldt penguins, to name just a few of the zoo’s denizens. There are more than 14,000 animals at the iconic conservancy zoo.

These tickets will even give you access to the big February 2023 midterm event, Vets in Motion, an award-winning role-play experience for budding vets. Little ones can play the role of vets at ZSL London Zoo throughout the week, with interactive home events celebrating the amazing work of the zoo’s vets. discover more right here.

Although the zoo is in the heart of the bustling city, there are 36 acres to enjoy. Families can bring their own picnics to save money and take advantage of the great weather (which we’re talking about!).

There are three zones within the zoo that you can discover. There is a wide variety of creatures ready to greet you.

Within the Zona Rosa, you can find otters and meerkats following the Paseo del Bosque. Lemurs may greet you as you cross, before heading ‘Into Africa’ to find animals from the second largest continent.

The Orange Zone celebrates a number of the smallest beings on the planet in its Tiny Giants exhibit. From helping assist underwater corals and aquatic wildlife, plus leafcutter ants and spiders, you can say hello to those small, but possibly dangerous creatures.

The Orange Zone is home to monkeys and lions, as well as a small corral where you can meet and pet cattle.

Lastly, the Blue Zone is the home of the Outback. You will discover kangaroos, reptiles and more! See snakes, lizards, frogs and even crocodiles.

Huge financial savings

Tickets for London Zoo are normally upwards of £26.50, that means this can be a great low cost! Don’t forget to take advantage of this program for the next few weeks.

Zoo tickets can normally cost £26.50 for adults in the ‘tremendous savers’ category, they can go up to £35.50 for peak tickets. Children’s tickets normally range from £17.25 to £23.10.

Take advantage of these great savings and help conserve wildlife around the world, as well as educate yourself and your children about the wonders that exist on our beautiful planet.


Western lowland gorilla, Kiburi, at ZSL London Zoo

London Zoo is offering £3 tickets for anyone currently receiving universal credit, employment and assistance allowance, income assistance or job search allowance. Tickets can be found for this price for the whole family. Plus, children under three are free!

You will simply need to bring a proof of earnings letter, either a physical or digital copy. Tickets can be purchased at the admissions kiosk on the day, starting at 11 am, every day of the week.

This supply is not just for half the time, but for both! You will get tickets for this value until the end of March 2023.

Learn more about the offer and full terms and conditions here.

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