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New Year, No Resolutions – Editor-in-Chief column ~ Frauenboulevard

Eat healthier, do more extraordinary family activities, lose weight, lead a more orderly and structured life, go for a walk for at least half an hour every day, play sports, and, and, and… What have I not achieved for things new in the last year years!

I was never really consistent and many New Year’s resolutions (lose weight, exercise more, get outside for thirty minutes a day…) were broken before the year was five days old.

Good intentions are almost a tradition

So what’s all the magic about? Of course, good resolutions for January 1 are nice and in some ways already a tradition across the country. Most people will make resolutions, or at least make a resolution, on this special date. Some want to quit smoking, others want to use their sports equipment in the bathroom as more than just a clothesline, and others may want to refresh old friendships.

But let’s be honest: You don’t need December 31 or January 1 for all of this. Especially since most people often assume too much when it comes to their New Year’s resolutions. So it’s no wonder that the smoker who wanted to become a non-smoker takes a few puffs at 1:20 on New Year’s Eve or the neighbor who wants to give up everything sweet from now on takes a big bite. to the remaining New Year’s Eve pancakes.

Many break their resolutions as soon as January 1st.

Sure, these are probably cliché extreme examples. However, they symbolize the great fabrication of good intentions that hardly anyone achieves.

Also, for some people, making a New Year’s resolution creates more internal pressure than giving up a bad habit in the middle of the year without a problem.

For example, smoking, snacking excessively, or not moving enough. However, if you flip the switch with sheer willpower, no matter when, it usually works and the good intention is crowned with success. That can be in July or September, it doesn’t matter.

In this sense, this goes here for everyone who has already broken their first New Year’s resolution. I for one did not plan to do anything at the turn of the year this year for exactly this reason.

Just no pressure!

Nothing. And that, although my life urgently needs some good resolutions.

However: I am confident that I can still implement the same in the coming weeks and months. No pressure and completely alone.


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