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Newborn Week: Top 7 Newborn Care Tips | Updated 2023

Such small hands! feet! eyes and red lips!

Isn’t it crazy that the baby you’ve been waiting for the last nine months is finally here? Yes, it is. But we also know that the thought of giving that first bath or trying out a wrap can make you nervous. Don’t worry about newborn care. This article will help you a lot. We will share something valuable Newborn baby care tips. Awareness of newborn care prior to the birth of your baby is most important.

Care tips for newborns

Newborn care, newborn baby, newborn care tips

Newborn care, newborn baby, newborn care tips

Celebrating Newborn Week (Nov. 15-21). This post will be our contribution to this event. So let’s start with the newborn care tips.


Newborns may seem more delicate and fragile to you. But don’t be afraid to touch and hold your little one. A study shows that a baby who is held for about two hours a day thrives better and cries less. So give your baby time and keep them confident.

2. Bathing

Bathing the infant is one of the greatest challenges for new mothers. You can watch different videos to learn how to bathe the baby. Make sure you have all the bathing essentials ready before undressing the baby. Above all, choose the right products for your baby. Educate yourself before putting anything on your child’s skin.

3. Diaper change

Many new parents don’t know how to change diapers or how many diapers should be changed a day. To make it easier for you, stock up on enough diapers before you bring your baby home. Don’t forget about diaper rashes. Most children between the ages of 0 and 2 years develop diaper rash.

When you see the first signs of redness, immediately apply a safe but effective cream to heal the rash. It is better to consult your doctor for the right product.

4. Comforting

On average, a baby cries almost 2 hours a day for the first 3 months. This is normal for every baby. In order to make your baby comfortable, you must first find out the cause of his/her discomfort. There can be many reasons:

  • The baby might be hungry
  • He/she may have gas
  • He/She needs a diaper change
  • The baby needs a nap
  • The baby could be overstimulated by noise, light or activity

The reason could be any of the above reasons. You just have to find out. If you do not understand the reason for crying, consult a doctor or enlist the help of older women in the family.

5.Body massage

Research has shown that a massage can calm the body and make your baby feel comfortable. This improves a baby’s sleep pattern and makes the baby less irritable. There are several videos available on the Internet that can help you learn good massage technique. Massage is not possible without safe and effective oil. So choose something good for your child. You can also consult the doctor about this.

6. Feeding and burping

We all know that nothing is better for a newborn than breast milk. Packed with nutrients – made for a toddler. Unfortunately, sometimes mothers cannot breastfeed their babies. This may be due to medical reasons or other special circumstances. How best to feed your newborn in such cases, you need to discuss with your pediatrician.

As recommended by doctor, burp your baby often as babies usually gulp air during feeding which can make them fussy. Try to burp your baby every 60-90 milliliters when bottle-feeding and each time you switch breasts if you’re breastfeeding.

7. Sleep Basics

Understanding the infant’s sleep schedule is not easy. The baby who needs you every minute sleeps more than 16 hours a day. Like adults, your baby will develop their sleep patterns and cycles. However, remember to always lay babies on their backs when sleeping to reduce the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).

It is not easy to understand what your baby wants because he cannot speak. Either they cry or they smile. But over time you get to know it newborn care your baby.


In this blog we have mentioned some of the tips that can guide you newborn care. We all know that a newborn baby is very delicate to handle, especially for a new mom. So we have to research and learn newborn baby care. We need to monitor their activities from morning to night to analyze their schedules and habits.

Never forget to consult a specialist in an emergency.

Happy Newborn Baby Week by Credihealth. Contact our medical experts if you need help and advice for you and your child.

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