Plants, fairy lights and Co. – Ideas for balcony design.

Next summer will definitely come and the balcony will then become a favorite place for many at home. So why not start collecting ideas now on how to make it even more beautiful, cozier and maybe even more functional? Here are some tips that you can use to turn your balcony into a wellness area.

The right floor covering

Often underestimated, but an important factor! The balcony floor covering has a great influence on its appearance. In addition, many also like to be barefoot on their own balcony, so the right flooring can improve the feeling underfoot. Not all coatings are suitable for the balcony. It is important that it is not too heavy, because static often does not allow it.

Therefore, concrete slabs, for example, are not recommended. On the other hand, wood and WPC decking can usually be used. The so-called click tiles are particularly practical and also inexpensive. They are available in numerous looks, so you can easily implement both a wood and stone look with them. Conventional tiles are also a popular floor covering for the balcony. However, placement is much more difficult than with click tiles.

And if you like soft tickles on your feet, you can opt for artificial grass to brighten up your balcony. There are so many options that there should be something for everyone. When making your selection, you should not forget to take statics into account and, if necessary, obtain the permission of the owner for the redesign.

The right balcony furniture

Depending on the size of the balcony, more or less furniture can be found in this space. At least one comfortable chair definitely belongs on the balcony. It is even more pleasant on a deck chair, which allows you to sunbathe. Garden and terrace furniture, such as some of which can be found here, is often also suitable for use on the balcony. They are designed for outdoor use and are weather resistant. In order not to load the balcony too much, you need to use fairly light furniture.

However, it must be ensured that these cannot fly off the balcony in the event of a storm and become a hazard. Beach chairs for the balcony are also popular, as long as they fit there, as they bring a bit of the beach feeling into the home. If you can expect a large balcony, you have the option of setting up a table with seats. There is nothing better than having a good breakfast on the balcony at the weekend. But with the right equipment, the balcony can even become a home office.

Therefore, it is worth considering from the very beginning how you would like to use the balcony and how you can best use the available space. BBQ enthusiasts will surely plan a space for a handy electric grill, while hobby gardeners prefer to fit more plants into place, or even plant herbs and tomatoes.

Provide privacy protection

First of all, privacy protection is a very practical thing. It protects you from prying eyes, which may be necessary in big cities. In addition, it can make the balcony safer for pets and children if the balcony railing is not continuous but consists of struts. A privacy screen can also turn heads if it looks good. Here, too, the possibilities are enormous. First of all, the plants can be used as privacy screens.

Many people want to turn their balcony into a green oasis anyway, so plants are an important part. The right specimens can also work excellently as privacy screens. These include, for example, elephant grass, horsetail, and clematis. They can easily be planted in pots. But here, too, one should not forget about static. Trellises should be provided for climbing plants. Privacy mats are probably the easiest way to protect privacy on your balcony.

They also protect from the wind and give some shade, making it even more pleasant on the balcony. They can be attached to the railing in just a few simple steps. The privacy mats are available in different designs, for example smooth PVC in different colours, in a bamboo look or in a reed or tree bark look.

Decoration for the environment.

Even if the most important thing is already available, that something is still missing. This is where decoration comes into play. Fairy lights and LED lanterns provide soft lighting that is relaxing and romantic. In addition to the plants on the balcony, the containers in which they are located can also be beautiful to look at. In combination with selected sculptures, the desired ambience is additionally underlined. Those who enjoy bird visits may decide to install a nesting box.

Such can also be visually appealing and also provide animal visits. The cushions are useful to make the seats even more comfortable. And if it’s a little cold, blankets come to the rescue. Both are available in every color and almost every design you can imagine. Outdoor rugs are another way to set color accents. At the same time they protect against cold feet. And to water the plants, you need a watering can.

So why not choose one that will really turn heads? Since the space on the balcony is limited, it is always advisable to use objects that have a practical use as decoration at the same time. There probably won’t be room for much else. However, as shown here, it works beautifully.

With these tips, every balcony will become a highlight in no time. It is worth starting the design now so that the balcony can be fully enjoyed as soon as the weather and temperatures allow. Because then you don’t want to put in any more effort, but rather enjoy the benefits of a balcony to the fullest.


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