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Rose-colored glasses in the getting to know you phase: more brains please!

The getting to know you phase: As a single woman, who doesn’t love being accompanied by butterflies in the stomach, compliments and texts every minute? Just!

However, the hare for many problems is here in the pepper. Because all too often people rush into an introductory phase of euphoria and are then surprised when everything doesn’t work out.

There are enough examples of this. A look on the web, in women’s magazines or simply in the circle of friends, relatives, acquaintances and colleagues is enough. How many times do you attend phases of falling in love that explode to the sky, of which only a few weeks later there is nothing left and the pain (of love) is great.

Too much euphoria in the getting to know you phase is rarely good

But why is that? Well, as mentioned at the beginning: many single people, mainly women, are overly elated in the phase of meeting you. How quickly people talk about “soul mates” or the feeling of “always knowing each other”. Also, unfavorable factors, negative things or even big problems that the newly-acquainted man has on board are almost carelessly overlooked. Only rose-colored glasses.

Here are some classic examples that are representative of countless web forum posts where the topic of getting to know each other over and over again makes up a large portion of the topics posted:

  • HE lives almost 1,000 kilometers away, has to deal with a difficult divorce and three school-age children on top of it. After two nice dates, communication becomes less because HE is stressed.
  • After just one date with HIM, SHE feels a true kinship connecting her to him.
  • In week 3 of the still early phase of getting to know each other, you are already making big plans, talking about the common home, children and company.

What all three examples have in common is that rose-tinted glasses are rock solid, that’s for sure, isn’t it?

In example 1, one can assume that the divorcee in the distance is probably aiming for anything but a stable relationship at the moment and just finds it nice to have great flirtations and exciting sex.

If your messages are less, the interest usually disappears…

It’s no surprise that their communication falters after the first kick. At least not for outsiders. The woman in question is probably still assuming that the getting to know phase will intensify, even if the news is less and less…

Example 2: The sky fills with violins after a date. Because it just fits. And already – hey presto – one (WOMAN) assumes a soul mate relationship. Yes, no, it’s clear… That there is such a thing, there is no doubt! However, extremely rare. In most cases, the much-vaunted soul mate in the introductory phase is due solely to one circumstance: rose-tinted glasses.

Caution should be exercised if a man you just met starts making joint plans for the future too quickly, as described in example 3.

Many men immerse themselves in the silence of the radio

Most of the time this is just a consequence of YOUR rose colored glasses and often fades quickly. It is precisely such candidates who shine with ghosts, radio silences or other hated dating phenomena. Countless testimonials from women on the web also testify to this.

In this sense, the slogan should apply to all single women: always take off your rose-colored glasses, such as sunglasses, from time to time. And turn your head right now! The gain in clarity with such a measure should speak for itself!

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