So you can tell him that he is going to be a father

Whether particularly romantic, original or simply direct: there are many ways to announce to your partner that you are pregnant. Of course, it is entirely up to the individual relationship which type of proclamation is best suited. Some couples also want to take a pregnancy test together. However, many women wish they had a special way to tell their partner that they are going to be parents, and there are a few ways to do it.

Reflection: This is what a dad-to-be looks like!

Simple, fast and at the same time fun and original. Get up a little before your partner and write the following message on the mirror with your lipstick: This is what a future dad looks like! We’re sure: Your even more tired and sleepy husband will wake up in a jiffy and this time he’ll freak out in front of the mirror for a different reason than usual. 😉

Good morning Dad! hidden message in coffee

A true classic that never goes out of style. How nice can a day start when you drink your morning coffee and then discover a pregnancy announcement written on the bottom of the mug? All you need is a china pen, a large mug, and a coffee-drinking man.

a treasure hunt

A treasure hunt is a little more work, but twice the fun! By solving certain tasks, your partner sends you to different places. There you will find a new clue in the form of a photo, gift or note. For example, you could ask where you had your first kiss, where you like to spend your Sunday, or what is your favorite restaurant. It doesn’t matter where and how long you let him look for it: at the end of the treasure hunt there is a positive pregnancy test, an ultrasound or baby shoes.

small voucher collection

Voucher for a night in the hospital together, voucher for a football night with friends, voucher for sleeping, voucher for an “energy nap” in between… Give your partner a box with different vouchers, all of them related to their new challenges as a parent get and sooner or later it will be urgently needed! Maybe there is a suitable occasion like anniversary, birthday or Christmas to present the gift box; Otherwise, you can of course integrate the gift box into everyday life as a small gesture.

Help from an older sibling or pet

No one is better prepared to deliver the good news than your own child. How about a self-painted family photo where mommy has a baby in her stomach? Or with a simple formula from your little math genius: 1+1+1+1 = 4? Of course, messages on children’s clothing are also a popular idea. The proud parent will be surprised when the offspring run into the study or living room and “Big Sister” or “Big Brother” is emblazoned on the T-shirt.

Maybe you don’t have a kid yet, but do you have a sweet furry friend to see you through life? Then give your furry friend a printed bandana, tag, or ultrasound image to announce the pregnancy. We are sure: Your partner will be delighted.

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