How to understand English by ear | Education 2022

How to understand English by ear

One of the most important skills in foreign languages ​​is listening, that is, listening to a foreign speech. For those learning English in a non-English speaking country, this is usually the most difficult. How to understand English by ear … Read more

How to solve the exam in math | Education 2022

The closer summer approaches, the more schoolchildren begin to think about passing the “beloved” state exam, or the unified state exam for short. As unpleasant as it is, the future depends on this particular exam in most cases. If … Read more

How to get to the directing department | Education 2022

How do you get to the directing department?

“Silence, camera, motorbike!” Have you always dreamed of making a movie and yelling at the actors, “I don’t believe!”? Then you should go to the directing department. The main thing is to understand why this profession is necessary. Searching … Read more

What documents are needed at the university | Education 2022

What documents are required at the university?

Upon admission to a higher education institution, the applicant must submit several documents. There are nuances in the provision of the necessary documentation for specific categories of citizens (disabled persons, persons who have completed military service). What documents are … Read more

How to write an accounting practice | Education 2022

How do you write an accounting practice?

Students of the accounting department must undergo a pre-degree practice. To inform the facilitator of the results of the practical activity, the student must prepare a report on the theoretical and practical knowledge acquired. How do you write an … Read more

Learn Turkish quickly | Education 2022

Learn Turkish fast

The modern Turkish language belongs to the southwestern subgroup of the Turkic languages ​​and is the state language of the Turkish Republic. It is also spoken in Northern Iraq, Syria, Bulgaria and some other Balkan countries. Learn Turkish fast … Read more

How to learn the Azerbaijani language | Education 2022

How to learn the Azerbaijani language

About 30 million people in the world speak Azerbaijani. Not so little. For example, only 12 million people worldwide speak Czech and 9 million Swedish. This language has official status in Azerbaijan and the Russian Republic of Dagestan. In … Read more

How to learn Romani | Education 2022

How to learn Romani

The Gypsy language originated from the Indo-Aryan branch of the Indo-European languages. However, due to the long nomadic life of the Gypsy, people filled this language with many dialects, which formed under the influence of the surrounding languages. How … Read more