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The Netflix trailer for You Season 4 Part 2 features a stunning cameo appearance

A recently released trailer teases a messy back half of Season 4 of Netflix Psychological Thriller You. It ends with a killer surprise: Victoria Pedretti’s Love Quinn.

The trailer, which aired last week, sees lead character Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) refusing to accept that he’s “a cold-blooded psycho” after moving to the UK to escape his past. The preview culminates in a voiceover from Goldberg, who says, “You know what I like best about love? It gives you a second chance,” and Quinn sits in a chair with a book.

“Hi, Joe,” she says without enthusiasm.

It’s unclear if Goldberg’s dead ex-wife is actually there in the flesh. He could certainly be imagining things. We’ll have to wait until the last five episodes of to find out you season 4 fall on March 9th.

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