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These 3 clichés apply mainly

The home office: It is becoming more and more popular and many people can no longer imagine their professional life without it. This applies to both newcomers to the home office and freelancers who have been hitting the buttons in their own home for decades.

Therefore, working in a private environment is not only a socially recognized model that is being treated more and more favorably even in terms of tax laws, no: it is also extremely popular.

Especially since the corona pandemic, employees in a wide variety of industries are increasingly asking their bosses about working from home. And very often this wish is granted. If it’s technically feasible, of course. A baker probably won’t be able to work from home in 2040 either…

Many clichés in the home office are correct

However, there are also a number of clichés associated with the home office. Every once in a while, working in your own cozy four walls tempts you to quickly get a few things done away from your laptop. The fact that people in the home office quickly hang up their socks or start the washing machine is also a persistent rumor.

The question is: is that true? Well, if you ask in the personal environment of those who work fully or partially in the home office, common clichés are confirmed with great regularity.

Three of them are presented here:

1. With pajamas in the home office

The couple took the children to school, they took the school bus themselves, or you have no children: in such situations, the temptation to start the day in your pajamas in the home office is often great. Most of the time, the only plan is to check emails and the news with a delicious coffee in hand. So far so good.

Sometimes in pajamas…

But it’s not uncommon for mobile workers to spend hours in their pajamas and do a lot of work in their pajamas.

Well why not?! As long as there’s no video meeting scheduled, where one would definitely be embarrassed in their nightwear (but no one cares from the waist down anymore…!), work can also be done in this elevator. The main thing is that you deliver properly. And it doesn’t happen every day…

2. Hang the clothes for a moment in between

Yes, yes and yes again: It’s true! Many, many domestic workers regularly hang their laundry in the middle. This cliché is also based on pure reality, although most of those who work from home would probably deny it.

It’s all too tempting to discreetly and quietly hang socks and briefs on the rotary dryer for a 15-minute phone call. Such activity not only relieves the pressure of housework, but also ensures that you can stretch your legs while sitting in front of the computer.

The fast movement that relieves

Therefore: no broken legs and some quick relief in family life!

3. Work in bed

THE great art of the relaxed mobile worker! Preparing the presentation for next week’s meeting between piles of pillows, in nightwear and a hot chocolate on the nightstand. Goes! And that’s how a lot of people use it. In times when, in addition to a laptop and a tablet, even a mobile phone is sometimes enough for work, sometimes it just doesn’t matter where and how you do your work.

This can also be in the overnight camp, where you relax after the first coffee in the morning.

Live and let live – also in the home office

This is certainly the exception and not the rule, but many people who work from home know this. And sometimes live EXACTLY. Here, too, the motto is: Why not?!

In our modern home office times, it is not for nothing that the following is often applied: “Work has to be done, no matter where or how”.


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