This is how love and relationships sound in April

This is how a good family vacation works – With child and suitcase

In the first episode of the new “Mit Kind und Suitcase” podcast, travel journalist Charlott Tornow talks to family expert Nora Imlau about the influence vacations have on the well-being of parents and children and why shared experiences away from everyday life are just as important to family life.

The two talk about the small and big challenges of family vacations and give very practical advice that you probably won’t find in any classic travel guide.

About the podcast: Mit Kind und Suitcase is the podcast for family vacations, presented by the online marketplace for vacation rentals FeWo-direkt.

These are very specific tips for family vacations: How do I plan a family vacation? What do I have to take into account when choosing accommodation? And how do I find the right balance between education, relaxation and experiences?

Appeared: April 23rd
Duration: 39 minutes
To be found at: Spotify, Apple and on all other relevant podcast platforms

fears in relationships – Friendship Plus Podcast

In the podcast episode “Relationship Anxiety,” moderators Corinna and Christin discuss the facets of fear. What fears are there? Are there different fears at the beginning of a relationship than in the middle? They philosophize about the fact that fears often only exist in our head at the moment we feel them and are not yet real in the real world of relationships. And probably never will. In any case, it is very entertaining when the two start chatting from their own experience or give advice for books or scientific studies on the subject.

The podcast offers elements of love for participation and a lot of good humor.

About the podcast: Corinna Theil was a frantic reporter for Sat.1 in Bavaria for years. Christin Balogh is an actress and presenter. Among other things, you could see her in “Bergdoktor” or “Love Storm”. What unites the two women is a 15-year friendship and the “Freundschaft Plus” podcast on Bayern 3.

Appeared: April 14th
Duration: 31 minutes
To be found at: BR Media Library, Apple, Spotify

The pink gloves debate – SWR2 culture talk

Freelance journalist and author Rebecca Endler is a guest on the April 14 episode of the podcast to talk about the Pinky Gloves. Behind the name is a supposedly innovative product, namely a menstrual glove. With this product, women and menstruating people should be able to hygienically remove their tampon and then use the glove as a garbage bag. The product was featured by a start-up company on the TV show “Die Höhle der Löwen” and triggered a huge shit storm. Endler explains why the product doesn’t really make any sense from her point of view and what misogyny still lurks behind the “Pinky Gloves.” She finds – we discover “Patriarchy of Things”. When he later claims that men’s pajamas often have pockets for pants, but women’s don’t, although women might as well put a tampon in there, one is sobering.

This short but sharp podcast is engaging, academic, and very easy to listen to. Gives great information if you are interested in period embarrassment and its background.

Oh right: the manufacturers have since withdrawn the “pinky gloves” product.

About the podcast: In SWR’s cultural talk, topics related to literature, art, music and much more are presented in a very compact length podcast; usually with very exciting guests.
Appeared: April 14th
Duration: 9 minutes
To be found at: Apple Spotify

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