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TJ Maxx Shopping Secrets: 6 Saving Tips More People Should Know

TJ Maxx is one of those stores that I can go to every week and still find something new that fascinates me. Having been there for years, I have found that the store has a lot more to offer than meets the eye. And although sales events are rare and you can’t use coupons, there are still ways to save big when shopping there.

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You’ll be surprised how little you can spend simply by picking the right day of the week or knowing what to look for on the price tag. These aren’t things TJ Maxx is promoting — it’s sort of inside information — but it’s useful, especially since TJ Maxx is good at telling you what you want as you walk around. (It’s ok, we all went there with a cart full of stuff we didn’t want to buy that day.)

There are many hidden shopping tricks that can save you money every day. Did you know Amazon has a hidden coupon page? Would like Shop at Costco without a membership? It’s absolutely possible. Let’s go through some tips to make your next big shopping spree at TJ Maxx your best yet.

When you shop is important

Most TJ Maxx stores run discounts on Monday mornings, making this the best time of the week to shop if you’re looking for a bargain. You should look around the store for yellow labels on items indicating they are on sale. Some of these are in designated clearance sections while others are mixed in with the other similar items.

While the weekends are the most convenient time for many of us to go to the local TJ Maxx store, it’s actually one of the worst times to shop. Stores only receive deliveries on weekdays, meaning no new inventory will be offered over the weekend and before the next round of discounts.

Check all items even if they are the same

Normally you would expect that when you find an item and check the price that all individual units of that item would all be that price, but that is not always the case with TJ Maxx. Sometimes some inventory is discounted while the rest is sold at full price. This has to do with how long the store has had the item and by simply checking the price tag on all units you might be able to save some money on the purchase. It’s super easy and only takes an extra second. So be sure to check it out next time you’re in the store.

The clearance shelf at the TJ Maxx clothing storeThe clearance shelf at the TJ Maxx clothing store

The clearance shelf in a TJ Maxx clothing store.

Jim Watson/Getty Images

If you like what you see, buy it

One of the great things about shopping at TJ Maxx is that the inventory rotates constantly, so there’s a ton of new stuff to check out with each visit — but that can also work against you. If you see something you like and think you might want to buy it, don’t put it back. Seriously. Chances are, the next time you go in (even if you return the same day) it’s gone and you’ve missed your chance.

This is especially true for yellow tagged items as these are the final markdown prices and indicate that this is the lowest price you can buy that item at.

Pet accessories are among the best buys at the store

You might not immediately think of shopping for beds and other accessories for your furry friends at TJ Maxx, but if you don’t check out the pet department, you’re missing out on some great savings. There are often branded items available at a fraction of the regular price, and more often than not, TJ Maxx even beats Amazon’s prices. It’s easy to find toys for a few dollars and new, high-quality pet beds starting at around $20.

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Damaged items can save you even more

When shopping at TJ Maxx, you will sometimes find that a piece of furniture or decoration has minor cosmetic damage. While this might be a turn off for many people, it’s also an opportunity to get that at a discount. If you ask for a discount at checkout (before you buy!), TJ Maxx will often reduce the price for you.

The exception to this is when the item is on the sales floor and already marked with an “As-Is” label.

Frequent shoppers can sign up for the TJX Rewards credit card

While we don’t recommend signing up for another credit card to improve your shopping habits, if you’re a frequent TJ Maxx customer, it could save you some money. You save 10% on opening the card with the first purchase and 5% on every subsequent purchase thereafter.

You should look at how much you spend there, what your current payment method is, and if it could save you some money. This only has an advantage if you pay the bill every month, otherwise the interest cost will likely outweigh any savings in the business.

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