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Trust These Easy Ways To Get High Cheekbones

Let’s face it, the most important thing every girl wants in Kendall Jenner…it’s not that slim body, or her impressive collection of bags (although we’re not complaining about that either), or even her flawless skin… You have such high cheekbones! like the ones in the Burj Khalifa! Seriously, you don’t need highlighter to show off your already impressive cheekbones. The model walks down the runway and before we look at her outfit, we need to take a moment to admire how smooth and chiseled her face looks (I’m speaking for everyone here).

Dear Sir or Madam If you are looking for ways to achieve high cheekbones like Kendall’s and thinking about getting your highlighter, wait a second because there are easier methods and tools to help you achieve it. see. So without further ado, get started.

face rolls

Front rollers have been getting our attention lately, and for good reason? There are many types of rollers on the market, including jade rollers, microneedle facial rollers, tourmaline stone facial rollers, and many others. You can choose one and then spend five minutes every day treating your face with these rollers for amazing results.

Just like facial rollers, massaging your face with gua sha stones in an upward direction for 10 minutes every day can leave your face firmer, with a more defined chin and cheekbones, and more hydrated eyes. It is the best method to restore your face every morning and we highly recommend it.

Trust these easy ways to get high cheekbones

facial exercises

Did you think that only your body needs regular exercise to stay healthy and in good shape? The face needs some practice, too, especially when it comes to cheekbones and a smooth look. There are numerous facial exercises that are extremely efficient in achieving a facelift…our favorite is the fish face. It is extremely easy, efficient and enjoyable. Helps strengthen specific muscle groups to keep skin looking firm and smooth.

What are high cheekbones?

High cheekbones are when the bone below the surface of the eye (known as the cheekbone) sticks out and may even be the widest part of the face. They also create the illusion of sunken cheeks. This creates a beautiful face shape.

If you’re not sure where you’ve been, the best thing to do is ask your cheekbones to take a pencil and roll it up. cheek (or use or use your index finger) until you can locate the bone. Alternatively, you can suck on their cheeks and then use your fingers to feel the area where the cheekbone is.

It is normal for some of the cheekbones to show through, while those with rounder faces tend to be more hidden. Cheekbones People who are naturally thin with long legs and a narrow build tend to have prominent cheekbones. People with apple-shaped faces tend to have a rounder face, and therefore their cheekbones are generally less prominent.

Do you need high cheekbones as a model?

In an expression? No. You don’t have to have high cheekbones to be a model; However, many agencies and brands prefer them, especially in high-end models. There are many top models who do not have prominent cheekbones.

Agencies and brands take into account your entire face and appearance when choosing models. Don’t worry, even if your cheekbones don’t show, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t enjoy a promising future as a model in the future.

Low cheekbones vs high cheekbones: what is the difference?

The cheekbones form the base of the face under the skin, specifically the bones known as the cheekbones. If the cheekbones are close to the eyes, it is assumed that you have high cheekbones. Lower cheekbones refer to the cheekbones closest to the bottom of the nose.

Having a high or low cheek count doesn’t necessarily say anything about you. Your genetic history and ethnicity play a big role in the appearance of your face. Certain cultures consider certain facial features, such as high or low cheekbones, as standard indicators of beauty.

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