“We need to start raising our children to be feminists!”

We live in a world ruled by old white men*. A world that is too slow to cope with change. Men who demand equality in society and in the labor market remain a sad rarity. The stereotype of the hardcore feminist is so ingrained in people’s minds that any woman who stands up for her rights and calls attention to grievances quickly ends up in a not-so-comfortable box.

For centuries, women around the world have been marginalized and discriminated against. Now it is our generation that is crying out for a change. Who wants to fire the old white man from his job and make room for a new, more enlightened world view?

Our daughters must grow up to be strong, empowered women who are not inferior to a man. But what about our children?

*„Alte weiße Männer“ ist ein definierter Begriff unter Feminist*innen und politisch links eingestellten Menschen. Diesen Männern wird unterstellt für folgend  Dinge zu stehen oder dafür verantwortlich zu sein: Ausgrenzung und Benachteiligung von Frauen und Minderheiten. Dabei handelt es sich aber mehr um eine innere Einstellung als darum, dass alle alten, weißen Männer automatisch Sexisten wären. 

Women in the role of support of society

In the world we live in, men are still playing the major leading roles while women are only given supporting roles. The old white society is the one that sits apart on the bus, makes sexist jokes and explains women in the best way that men explain how the female body works.

We are all socialized anti-feminists and sexists and still assume that we live in an egalitarian world. But as long as the father, who takes two months of parental leave so he can spend a nice holiday with his family, is heroically praised and applauded, we need feminism. As long as the mother is asked when she goes shopping where she left the children, we need feminism. As long as women are only included in our language and colors exclude gender, we also need feminism.

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