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What is the CPP Survivorship Pension? How can Canadians declare this benefit?

Now, let’s review who qualifies for the benefit, how much you can get, and how to apply.

Who can qualify for survivor benefits?

The CPP Survivor’s Pension is paid simply for select Canadians. To qualify, the applicant must be legally recognized as the decedent’s common-law or married partner. For married people, the names of each person are on the marriage license. And to be considered common law, partners must be two people in a marital relationship for at least one year. To declare a de facto relationship, the Statutory Declaration of De facto Union must be complied with.

How much is the CPP Survivor’s Pension?

The amount varies from couple to couple, because the cost of the survivor’s gain is based on a calculation of many elements, Kevin. Here’s what you need to figure out how much you can get from a survivor’s gain:

  1. The amount of CPP earnings the decedent earned before it was given away or would have been earned at age 65.
  2. The age of the surviving spouse. If you are older than 65, you will get 60% of the CPP pension listed in step 1. If you are younger than 65, you will get a fixed portion and 37.5% of the CPP pension. from step 1.
  3. This closing step depends on whether or not the surviving member already receives different CPP benefits. For example, if they already get a disability pension or the CPP retirement pension, they cannot settle for the full survival gain. The cost is mixed with different profit funds. How much is paid depends on the type of pension and the maximum benefits. The Government of Canada has published a table outlining the different benefits and can be found on their companies and benefits webpage.

apply for a survivor’s pension?

Kevin, to use it in the CPP Survival Plan, you have a few options available to you. Regardless of which you choose, however, you can expect to receive funds approximately six to 12 weeks after Service Canada receives your application.


You can apply for the benefit by logging into your My Service Canada account and completing the application form. From there, you can drop off any additional requested information and documents at the Service Canada office closest to you. Please note that when submitting paper documents, you must write your partner’s and your partner’s social security number (SIN) on each page, so the types can be traced back to you.

By mail

You can print the application type found on, the federal government’s website. Complete it and put it in an envelope along with all the necessary documentation listed, and drop off or post the package at the Service Canada provincial or territorial workplace closest to where you live. Don’t forget to include each SIN for you and your partner on each web page. And just like with anything that involves cash, you’ll want to send it certified mail in case you’re not in a position to send it personally.

If it’s been more than 12 weeks since you used it and you don’t have a Service Canada phrase, contact the Canada Pension Plan (1-800-277-9914). As of the date of this publication, maintenance times averaged around one hour. So, in case you name it, I’d like to recommend that you settle in with a snack whenever you’re in the mood for elevator music.

Do I have to apply for the survivor’s gain?

Kevin, the good news is that the CPP Survivor’s Pension is available to those who have lost a partner or partner, and can help with the lack of family income. With a bit of homework filling out forms, you should see your cost reach you after about six to 12 weeks.

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