When you’re in love with someone who can’t love you, this is your reminder

Listen: If you’re in love with someone who can’t love you right now, understand that it doesn’t reflect how good or valuable you are. Sometimes life resists people in different ways.

All of us on this earth are just trying to understand ourselves, we’re just trying to mend the cracks in our souls, we’re trying to deal with what’s heavy on us. Sometimes we are ready and someone else is not.

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Sometimes we try and sometimes we don’t. Sometimes we pour ourselves into another human being and it can’t absorb all of who we are. Sometimes we fight and someone else gives up. Sometimes we choose to try and someone else decides they can’t choose the same reality. And that’s fine.

Because if someone doesn’t know you, you can’t keep asking them to. When someone can’t reciprocate your love, when someone can’t give you what you really deserve, you must understand that wanting it before it’s ready is a form of self-destruction. Your big and tender heart; You can’t always try to narrow it down to what someone else needs.

You can’t keep pouring your love into a vessel that can’t hold it. You cannot continue pouring out your love on a soul that has not opened its eyes to everything it receives. You can’t keep pouring your love into a heart that is closed to it. It just leaves you empty.

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you have to go. You have to let that person grow on their own terms because you can’t love someone to their potential. You can’t love someone at will. He has to do it himself.

And I know how hard it is to leave someone you care about so much. I know how hard it is to let go of all that love, to close your heart to everything you see in another person. But as you progress, you’ll learn how to pour all the love you gave the wrong person into yourself.

And you learn to pour it into whatever you want in life, to pour it into your growth, into your art, into your hope. You will learn to defend your feelings, for their value. And when you teach yourself that you deserve to be loved, without having to beg for that love, without having to chase that love, you open yourself up to the kind of beauty that chooses to be with you as freely as you choose to be chosen. them.

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You open up to people who see you and immediately know that you are valuable and beautiful. You open yourself to new beginnings, to a future that unfolds in ways that don’t hurt or destroy you, but that strengthen you and show you how much you are worth having your heart hold.

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