You ran away when I was born, but today I forgive you

Dear Dad,

They haven’t met for weeks. What are you doing right now? You probably won’t be traveling abroad, unfortunately the virus doesn’t make that possible for all of us at the moment. In normal times, traveling was your favorite hobby. Discover impressive landscapes and foreign gastronomy, escape… Yes, I think that traveling is also a kind of escape for you.

Just like back then. When I was fighting for my life like a fragile little worm in the hospital. He was born 11 weeks premature, weighing only 900 g and artificially ventilated through tubes. With post-hemorrhagic hydrocephalus*. My mother, my grandfather, even my nanny sat in my incubator almost every day*. And where were you? You ran away, once again, and abandoned your family. You failed me, your daughter. On my second birthday, family acquaintances saw you and your new girlfriend at a folk festival. What can I say? It leaves you speechless.

You were never a real father

Despite everything, my mother always tried to make it possible for me to have contact with you. Since I started school, we saw each other once a week when you picked me up, we ate canned ravioli together and played Scrabble. That was fun, but you were never a real father.

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